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By Wendy Stewart, vice president, International Programs & Extended Learning, January 26, 2018

Happy New Year!

On behalf of all of us here at Green River, we thank you for your partnership. Working in close partnership with you, in 2017 we welcomed and supported 1600 students from over 60 countries. Green River now ranks #8 in the US among community colleges in international enrollment.  Thank you!

Green River has become a place “Where the World Meets”.  Having students from around the world study here at Green River enriches diversity on campus.  It also creates a vibrant learning environment where students learn and make friends with people from around the world. The relationships that are formed and the experiences students have will last a lifetime.

We look forward to 2018. Here are a few focus areas for us: 

  1. Enhance partner support
  2. Develop pre-arrival university prep program 
  3. Renovate Campus Corner Apartments (2-year project) 
  4. Continue to implement special host family program for 16 year olds 
  5. Create more opportunities for international students to have meaningful interaction with local students

We are honored and privileged to work with you, our valued partners. Together with common purpose, we can help students achieve their dreams, transform their lives, and help to make the world a better place. Thank you so very much for making a difference in the lives of our students, their families, and their local and global communities.

Parent and Family Orientation and Hotel Reservation

We invite parents and family members to attend a special orientation for family members. Please let our Visitors Program Manager, Tawnya McLavey, know if you are planning to attend. As well, let Tawnya know if you need assistance with your hotel reservation.

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Emergency: (253) 740-8422

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April 5, 2022

Keith Bleyer Women's soccer coach on the field

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