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What's Happening this Fall 2021?

By Wendy Stewart, Vice President of International Programs and Extending Learning, June 1, 2021

As we look forward to Fall 2021 and welcoming more students to our Green River College campus,  many are wondering what it will look like.

We are happy to say that Fall Term at Green River will offer flexibility, comprehensive, personal support, and a safe learning environment.

  • Flexibility - Students will be able to come to campus to take hybrid in-person classes like Engl&101, CJ&101, CMST&210, CMST&220, ENV S204, Hist&136, Hist&137, Phil&115, Soc&101 as well as online classes OR students can still choose to take classes online in their home country
  • Comprehensive, personal support wherever students are in the world.  In August, we will begin to offer appointment-based, in-person services, in addition to continuing to offer virtual services.
  • Safe learning environment for students who choose to study in the US. We continue to follow national, state, and local health and safety guidelines regarding protocols related to Covid.

COVID vaccination: Covid vaccines are widely available in the US and vaccination rates continue to increase across the US.  Students who come to the US are eligible to get a free vaccine.  There is vaccine availability in the Auburn area, and Green River has hosted Covid vaccine clinics on campus.

Don't delay your dream - We are here to support you. Keep on track and start your educational journey at Green River this fall!



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