Preferred Names

Preferred Names

Green River College allows students to identify the name they would like to be called in classroom settings and when interacting with college employees. This preferred name is used in a variety of applications.

Changing Your Preferred Name

Log into the Student Contact Information page and click the "Change My Contact Information" button. Enter your full preferred name into the "Preferred Name" field. For example, if your legal name is Thomas Callahan but your preferred name is Tommy Callahan, enter "Tommy Callahan" into the preferred name field. Once the preferred name has been entered, click the "Update" button.

screenshot from the Student Contact Information page, with a red arrow pointing to the

Terms and Conditions
When you set your preferred name, you agree to all of the following:

  • You have not set a preferred name with an intent to impersonate someone else, to deceive, or to defraud;
  • Hate speech, inappropriate language, or repeated frequent use of this feature may bar you from using this feature, at the College's discretion;
  • Your preferred name may be used in any Green River College system.


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