Anatomy of Peace and Conflict Transformation

The ‘Anatomy of Peace’ Course

The 8-Hour Anatomy of Peace Course focuses on the fact that we each consistently have a choice in how we regard, understand and treat others in our daily interactions.

The philosopher, Martin Buber’s formulation of this choice was between seeing and treating others as of equal value as ourselves — “I-Thou” — or as something less—“I-It”. In simpler terms, this choice describes the dynamics of a positive, responsive relationship, or one characterized by a negative, resistant approach.

The latter dynamic leads inevitably to conflict and its accompanying dysfunctions in one’s personal or organizational relationships.

This course closely examines the motivations and ways-of-being underlying this negativity with the benefit of concepts and techniques developed by C. Terry Warner, founder of the Arbinger Institute. In doing so we advocate ways of addressing conflict by moving to positive, responsive ‘ways-of-being’ typical of conflict transformation.

The ‘Advanced Conflict Transformation’ Course

The 8-Hour Advanced Conflict Transformation Course provides a framework for understanding and implementing sustainable conflict transformation.

In doing this, the course focuses on a deeper understanding and development of skills in analyzing a conflict situation drawn from workplace or other contexts. We will also examine the dynamics of forgiveness and reconciliation based on examples of violence in which victims and offenders engage in restorative dialogue in an attempt to move towards peace.

This course focuses on changing standard processes and techniques by taking a different approach to conflict, thus bringing a new clarity to these processes. Course participants gain an understanding of how to apply conflict transformation theory to specific conflict situations within their organizations or families.

Prerequisite: Resolving Conflict workshop series (16 hours) or a Basic Mediation Training (40 hour) course.

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