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Important Information Issue No 4 | Winter Quarter |February/March 2011


Alumnus of the Month

Pratama Wangsit Bayuartha - Indonesia

Transfer students with GRCC VP and UW President

Pratam Wangsit Bayuartha in Riau, Indonesia during a rig visit.

Iím currently working in the oil & gas industry as an Evaluation Engineer for National Oilwell Varco in Jakarta, Indonesia. I started with the company in January 2009 in Houston, TX when I got hired after my graduation from Purdue University in December 2008. Some of my main responsibilities include being a technical support on our down-hole tools, products support for the sales team, investigation leader on equipment that fail in the field, as well as source for technical information for our customers.

As there are different levels of expertise that relate to my position, my current plan includes learning more about the industry and the equipment that Iím responsible for as I go to enable me to go up the engineering ladder within my company. This involves being in regular contact with the senior engineers within the company, as well as attending training courses that my company provides. With that being said, itís only natural that I spend quite a bit of time traveling to fulfill this requirement as well. So far, since I started with the company, Iíve conducted business visits to 6 cities in 4 countries. It should be interesting to see where Iím going to end up next for business related events.

After graduating from GRCC, I transferred to Purdue University and majored in Mechanical Engineering. GRCC influenced me in so many ways. I remember back in my college days at GRCC, the  instructors always pushed me to stay diligent to ensure that I get good grades. From that, I developed a diligent attitude to get my work done on a daily basis. GRCC gave me good foundation before moving to Purdue University and now working for National Oilwell Varco.

Knowledge that I gained from GRCC didnít only come from inside the classrooms. My experience with the CLEO leadership team  taught me invaluable lessons in working with other people with different cultural background, as well as improving my own leadership skills. To start with, such skills played a major role in enabling me to get the job that I have now and come in handy on a daily basis.

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