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Important Information Issue No 56| Fall Quarter | December 2009


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Holiday Greetings from the Vice President

Green River President Rich Rutkowski with international student Mika Aoyama.

From left: Wendy Stewart, Ross Jennings, MacKenzie Hizon, Mike McIntyre, Geoff Moody and Stephanie Scoby.

As the holiday season approaches, we are thankful to work with partners like you to serve our wonderful students. I am mindful of a new student who arrived at Green River this fall who was unusually homesick, so much that she wanted to go home after the first day. We let our partner know to inform her parents, took extra care of her at GRCC, and enlisted the help of GRCC students from her country to give her special attention. The weekend then ensued. On Monday, I asked her how she was doing. “I love this place, “ she said. “Everybody takes care of me. I want to stay”. I met her parents in her country a month later, with our educational partner, and the parents confirmed that she is doing great.

This true story is an example of how when everybody in the relationship – partners, parents, and Green River staff, teachers and students – support our kids, good things usually happen. Our partners like you provide an essential service to help us recruit the right kind of students to benefit from our college, and to support them once they are here. We appreciate all you do, in service to our great students.

Please accept our thanks and best wishes for the holidays.


Ross Jennings
Vice President
International Programs
Green River College

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