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Important Information Issue No 48 | Winter Quarter | February 2009


Student of the Month

Su Man Jung - Intensive English Student

Su Man Jung (Abraham) is from Korea and is currently taking IESL level 3 classes.

Su Jung is from Korea. He came to Green River College last September to study English. 

"I really like Green River because the teachers are very kind to the students. GRCC also offers a lot of good activities, in the classroom and outside the classroom. I love movie night!"

"I tell my little brothers that Green River has so many good teachers, students, and people to help you with your English.  I have an American conversation partner, Lance, who helps me with my grammar. We talk about everything like how to live in the U.S. and how to survive IESL." 

Su Jung's goal is to transfer to California State University, Fullerton. "I want to study theology (religious studies) and become a missionary," said Su Jung.  "After that I want to go to Africa to help poor children."

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