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Important Information Issue No 49 | Winter Quarter | March 2009


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High School Plus

High School Plus saves time and money.

High School Plus saves time and money. It offers highly motivated students an opportunity to take college level courses that count toward a high school diploma and university transfer. Requirements: English proficiency, 16 years of age, and cannot have previously received a high school diploma.

What is High School Plus?

The High School Plus program allows international students to:

  • Fast Track: Enter college before finishing high school and graduate from university at least one year earlier than your high school classmates.
  • Save Time and Money: Get a Washington State high school diploma plus earn transferable university credit at the same time. Take classes that count for both high school and university transfer!
  • Two Degrees: Earn two degrees for the price and time of one. Graduate in just two years with a high school diploma plus a university transfer associate degree. Program typically requires no additional time.*

    *Depending on assessment and placement, students may need to take non-transferable, developmental classes. Students may also need to take a non-transferable class to complete the Culminating Project requirement.

Who Takes Green Riverís High School Plus Program?

  • Students who havenít yet finished high school and want to start their college study in the US.
  • Mature, motivated students who are prepared for a challenging academic environment.
  • High school exchange students studying in the US, Canada, Australia, the UK or New Zealand who want to continue their education in the US.
  • Students who donít want to spend their final year studying for their national university entrance exams and prefer to study in the US.

Learn more about Green River's High School Plus Program [PDF].

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