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Important Information Issue No 55 | Fall Quarter | November 2009


Student of the Month

Mika Aoyama: Japan

Mika Aoyama

Mika Aoyama is majoring in Communications and Public Relations and is the Student Body Vice President at Green River College.

Mika Aoyama is from Nagoya, Japan. She came to Green River Community College as an IESL student in summer quarter 2008 and transferred to the Academic program in the fall.

When asked what she likes most about Green River College, she said, "I love the diversity on campus. There are so many different cultures and nationalities here. I love talking to different people who have different backgrounds and hearing their perspectives.

"I also really like the faculty and staff at GRCC. The college offers so many resources and support services to help us achieve our personal and academic goals."

The Student Life program has given Mika many leadership opportunities. Mika is currently acting as the ASGRCC Student Vice President. She is also a member of the Leadership, Education, & Outreach (CLEO) Program.

"I used to be shy, but now I enjoy getting up on stage and promoting programs. I enjoy volunteering in the community; I also try to speak up in class at least once. My English has improved a lot because I make myself talk to American students and I am not afraid of making mistakes."

Mika is a great example of how international students can make a big difference on campus.

Mika will be graduating this spring (2010) and hopes to transfer to the University of Oregon or the University of Washington.

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