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Important Information Issue No 60| Spring Quarter | May 2010


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Student Life: Get Involved and Be Happy!

Students get involved on campus.

Students share their experiences about Student Life activities.

Involvement in Student Life gives you a rich, deep, happy college experience.

At Green River College there are many opportunities for you to get involved on and off campus. There are organized trips to Seattle, Leavenworth, Whistler and even Hawaii. You can also help organize events and start your own club. It  takes courage to try something new and social courage to try them with new people you may not know well*. However, it is all worth it.  Just read some of our student testimonials and then give it a try.

Jason Ho - Taiwan

Jason Ho

Snowboarding Trip: As an international student, experiencing something I have never tried before was invaluable. I was able to enjoy a beautiful view and get to know more people which was exciting for me.

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* How to Be a Top Student in the USA: "10 Commandments" for International Students by Ross Jennings

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