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Important Information Issue No 57| Winter Quarter | Jan/Feb 2010


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Campus Corner Apartment Resident Council - A Great Opportunity for Students

CCA Resident Council.

Campus Corner Apartments Resident Council.

The Campus Corner Student Apartment (CCA) Resident Council provides leadership opportunities for international students. The council is made up of students from around the world (including the USA) that are dedicated to creating a positive and vibrant environment for residents. This is accomplished by encouraging residents to get involved in residential life and student activities.

Council members are students that volunteer their time and energy to improving the community they live in. They have held many events in the past year aimed at creating a fun and inviting environment for residents including a huge all-resident barbeque event called Fabadababoosey. Other events included: Campus Beautification; Cooking 101; movie night, talent night, ping pong and foosball tournaments and shopping events.

The Resident Council welcomes all students to its weekly meetings. At the meeting they discuss issues affecting CCA residents and develop solutions to those issues including recycling, studying hours, parking and developing programs and events for residents.

The Resident Council is a fun and easy way for international students to meet new people, strengthen their leadership skills, and share in the governance of Campus Corner Apartments.

Getting involved on campus gives students a rich, deep, happy college experience.  Read Ross Jennings' article "Rock the USA: 10 Tips to Make the Most of Your College Days in America".

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