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Important Information Issue No 59 | Spring Quarter | March/April 2010


Student of the Month

Bing Han: China

Bing Han

Find Bing in GRCC's new promotional video.

Bing Han is from China and is majoring in Business Management. His goal is to transfer to the University of Washington in the fall of 2010.

Bing first came to America as an exchange student. He attended Woodinville High School from January until June 2006. Instead of going back to his hometown, his teacher in China encouraged him to continue his education in the U.S.A. Bing chose Green River College. During his first year he took Intensive English classes and then transferred into the High School Completion Plus Program.

Bing likes GRCC because of the small class sizes and it is less expensive than a university. Bing also enjoys working on campus. He is a Marketing Assistant in the International Programs office and has worked on a variety of projects including creating videos and websites for prospective Chinese students. 

According to Ross Jennings, Vice President for International Programs, "Bing is an amazing guy Ė when he says he wants to be the Bill Gates of China, donít bet against him. He combines a Renaissance man mentality and curiosity about everything, with one of the most positive personalities of anyone I know (and I know a lot of very nice people). I asked him to do an informal marketing video with students from a new sister school, and he and his sister school partner Sophie did a great job. Then, on their own, they came up with a beautiful brochure with graphics and pictures, all in Chinese, describing our high school completion plus program, just because they thought it might be useful. Bing also made a Chinese website for Grammy Award-winning singer Jason Mraz, which his agent authorized, just because he likes his music. He also is an avid runner, biker and golfer. Bing rocks. Bill Gates, look out." 

By the way, Bing makes a guest appearance in the new promotional video. See if you can find him?

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