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Important Information Issue No 65 | Fall Quarter | November/December 2010


Student of the Month

Lina Aas-Helseth - Norway

Lina Aas-Helseth - Norway

Lina Aas-Helseth is an Academic student from Norway.

Lina Aas-Helseth is from Norway. After completing her first year of college in her home country, she transferred to Green River College in the fall of 2010 to pursue an AA degree.  Her goal is to major in print journalism and transfer to Central Washington University next fall.

"I really wanted to study journalism in America," Lina said. "So in 2008 I did some research on the internet. I wanted to find a good school on the West Coast and Green River College came up. I saw that they had an agreement with a Norwegian agency, called SONOR (Study Outside Norway) so I gave them a call."

SONOR put Lina in touch with the staff at GRCC. She corresponded with Mike McIntyre, Wendy Stewart and Bruce Compton for about 12 months before she applied. 

"Turns out GRCC offers everything I dreamed of," said Lina. "They offer courses in print journalism and broadcast journalism which is exactly what I was looking for."

Lina was able to get her education paid for through a Norwegian educational loan fund called Lanekassen

She lives at Campus Corner Apartments and loves it. "I have three American roommates who are really nice. Two of them are from California and the other one is from Colorado."

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