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Important Information Issue No 73| Summer Quarter | August/September 2011


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Student Life at GRCC

GRCC graduates transfer to top universities Get Involved! GRCC has a vibrant Student Life program.

Green River has a vibrant Student Life program that all students, both domestic and International, are encouraged to join. From Student Government and the Community, Leadership, Education and Outreach (CLEO) leadership team to Intramural sports, shopping and sightseeing trips; Green River offers events and activities that interest a wide variety of students.

From the very first day of orientation, International students are encouraged to join the overnight trip. At the overnight trip students play sports, games and swim to relax and meet new American and International friends before classes start. By the end of the first week of classes international students not only enjoy the traditional Dessert Social where they learn about student clubs, student government, trips and see pictures from the overnight trip but they also meet the CLEO leadership team, and are encouraged to join the sightseeing trip to Seattle. Students can also view activity pictures and event flyers at ISA Talk.

Each quarter students may participate in activities planned by the CLEO team which take place on and off campus. GRCC has a wide variety of student clubs such as Dance Connections, Green River Environmental Action Team, Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and Music Club as well as a variety of cultural and religious clubs. If students cannot find a club that fits their interests, they are encouraged to create a new club. Many students like to be physically active while they study at GRCC and enjoy using the fitness center, weight room and they may join the cricket, baseball or soccer clubs.

During quarter breaks the Student Life team plans exciting trips! We have enjoyed the beaches of Hawaii, rollarcoasters at Disneyland, world-class skiing in Whistler, Canada as well as sightseeing in New York City. If you are unsure of travelling by yourself, join the Student Life team and we will go together.

Join the fun; we look forward to welcoming you to Green River events and activities!

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