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Important Information Issue No 76| Fall Quarter | December 2011


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Happy Holidays!

Ross Jennings with Students.

Ross Jennings, Associate Vice President (fourth from right) with GRCC International Students.

Happy holidays to our dear friends all over the world:

It is our custom during the winter holidays to "count our blessings" - be thankful for the good things we have experienced over the last year. In my view, our greatest blessing has been to serve our wonderful students and help the vast majority of them realize their educational goals. Our educational partners have been an essential part of our students' success. All of us are part of their support "family", and we appreciate everything our partners do in supporting our students, and our college.

I look forward to working together with you over the coming year to help good students transfer to top universities all over the US, if that is their goal, or to achieve their other aims if not. We also hope you, your colleagues and your loved ones will enjoy health and happiness.


Ross Jennings
MEd, Stanford University
Associate Vice President
International Programs
Green River College
Auburn, WA 98092 USA

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