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Important Information Issue No 68| Winter Quarter | February/January 2011


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GRCC Engineering Students Rise to the Top of Major Universities

GRCC Engineering Instructors

From left: Jeff McCauley, Janet Ash and Jae Suk - Green River College Engineering Instructors.

Engineering students from Green River College (GRCC) are setting the academic bar at top universities around the country.

“Future leaders in math, science and engineering are sitting in our classrooms today,” said Dr. Eileen Ely, president of GRCC. “Tomorrow they will be at Cornell, MIT, and UCLA.”

Green River College’s Engineering Program has three major-ready pathways for students:

  1. Mechanical/civil/aeronautical
  2. Chemical/biological
  3. Electrical/computer

GRCC engineering instructorsThese pathways are designed to make students transfer-ready at selected four-year universities and reduce the time it takes for students to earn a degree.

"Getting students properly prepared for top universities around the country is our goal," said Jeff McCauley, Engineering instructor at GRCC. “Engineering is a very demanding field and we push our students to excel," said McCauley, who has taught at Green River for 19 years.

Despite the academic rigor – or perhaps because of it – the Engineering program at GRCC is the second most requested program at the college for students from around the world. Gabriella Lestari, who graduated from GRCC and transferred directly to the University of California Berkeley, was recently named recipient of the prestigious KAUST Discovery Scholarship.

“There is no statistical difference between the grades you get at GRCC and the extremely demanding four-year universities,” said McCauley. "Most of our students graduate from the top universities in two years.”

In addition to its Pre-Engineering degrees, GRCC offers a number of Science and Math degrees that prepare students to transfer directly to major universities around the country. Green River was one of the first community colleges in the United States to receive grants from the prestigious National Science Foundation. The college’s faculty and curriculum are held in high esteem through-out the country.

Unique to community colleges, Green River has on-campus student apartments, which afford students the option to live and study without leaving campus. Green River’s International Programs office prides itself in offering an unparalleled level of service for its students in admissions, advising, housing and activities.

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