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Important Information Issue No 72| Summer Quarter | July/August 2011


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From Green River to a Top University

GRCC graduates transfer to top universities

GRCC graduates transfer to top universities.

Here at Green River College, our advisors take a holistic approach to helping our students transfer to the top universities in the U.S. We believe there are four core elements that help students be competitive during the university application process:

  1. Academic Preparation
  2. GPA
  3. Personal Statement
  4. Activities outside of the classroom environment

Traditional advisors focus heavily on making sure students have the right classes to transfer. But we do more. In addition to suitability for transferring, our Advising Team believes students need to take classes that will give them a good education and a strong foundation in their respective major. Classes are chosen for our students based on both transferability and quality so that students will save time and money when they transfer to a four year university.

Our Advising Team also considers a studentís future career goals when helping them create an individualized degree plan. There are no two students at GRCC who have the same academic degree plan. Advisors create a degree plan for every single student based on the skill set and knowledge they need to be successful in their future career.

In addition, the advisors ensure students select a major based on their passion, and consider how their choices will bring happiness to their lives. We encourage our students to go out, experience America, and meet as many people as they can in order to broaden their horizons.

That, together with our focus on getting students to be active in the community through volunteer activities, we believe is our secret to helping our students get accepted to top universities in the U.S.

Our pathway to top universities in the U.S. is known by many advising offices, but it takes a team of dedicated advisors, time, patience, and a great relationship with our students to materialize it. At GRCC we have all of that, and our transfer record shows it.

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