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Important Information Issue No 71 | Spring Quarter | June 2011


Student of the Month

Remco Zwetsloot - Amsterdam

Remco Zwetsloot - Amsterdam

Remco Zwetsloot - Amsterdam

Remco Zwetsloot is from Amsterdam. He is transferring to Roosevelt Academy, an international honors college in the Netherlands. His goal is to major in American politics.

Why did you choose GRCC?

"After graduating high school back home I wanted to take a year to experience life in a different country while learning something at the same time. I decided to go to the U.S., and from there on it wasnít a hard decision Ė Green River seemed far more appealing to me than all the other community colleges I looked at. After being here for three months, I decided I didnít really want to go back home. Almost two years after my arrival Iím still here and graduating with high honors. Iíd say it was a pretty good choice."

What do you think about GRCC?

"Itís a great school. I donít have much to compare Green River to, but I canít really imagine a place that would better suit me. The instructors are great and engaging, there are a lot of opportunities to get involved, no matter what you like, and the people are great. It has everything a good school needs."

What are your proudest achievements at GRCC?

"In my second year at the college I became Editor-in-Chief of the campus newspaper, The Current, and we were recently named best community college newspaper in the state. That was pretty neat. I will also be awarded the Fine Arts Division Student of the Year award and a Student Leadership Award at graduation. Overall, though, I donít think any single award is worth as much as the transformation Iíve undergone, so that would have to be my proudest achievement. "

What would you tell your friends?

"Study abroad. Itís an experience that will be life-changing. Every international student Iíve talked to here has felt the same. Whether you discover what youíre really interested in by taking classes you otherwise wouldnít or simply mature as a person and gain independence Ė or, as in my case, both Ė studying abroad is an experience worth however much you spend on it. The only bad thing about it is that it canít last forever."

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