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Important Information Issue No 81| Spring Quarter | June/July 2012


Important Information

With almost 85 percent of its students intending to transfer to four-year institutions, Green River Community College offers comprehensive support services to help students get into top transfer universities. - Read

Important Dates

Spring Quarter: March through June 2012
Classes end June 15, 2012
COMMENCEMENT June 15, 2012
Summer Quarter: June through August 2012
Housing move-in date June 18, 2012
Orientation and testing begins June 19, 2012
Classes start June 25, 2012
Classes end August 16, 2012
Fall Quarter: September through December 2012
Housing move-in date September 12 & 13, 2012
Orientation and testing begins September 14, 2012
Classes start September 24, 2012
Classes end December 13, 2012

International College Experience Class - Required for All New Academic Students Starting Fall 2012

International College Experience prepares all new international students for academic success at Green River and beyond. It provides students with essential information and practical skills that will help make their transition to Green River College and the US as seamless as possible.

The course is taught by one instructor and a variety of guest speakers such as successful alumni, current senior students, and other experts on a wide variety of relevant topics including:

  1. Introduction to the US education system
  2. Green River classroom and study expectations
  3. How to thrive academically at Green River College

All international students will be required to take this course starting fall 2012, unless they have graduated from GRCC Intensive ESL program (Level 5). Students must to take this course within the first two quarters at Green River College. They will be automatically pre-registered for this class. The cost is $100.

Foundation for Success - Required for 16 and 17 year old First Quarter Students

Many young and motivated students are attending Green River. We know and parents know that these younger students need extra care and support to thrive in a college environment. Foundation for Success supports younger students and at the same time provides assurance for their parents. The program includes:

  • Regular Meetings with Mentors - Students will attend a weekly workshop with Peer Mentors and program staff to support their academic and social progress.
  • College Success Skills - Students will participate in weekly learning modules including: Student Life; Personal Health/Safety; Effective Decision Making; and Time Management
  • Reports to Parents - Parents will receive a progress report detailing student well-being and performance.

The program is required for all first quarter 16 and 17 year olds. The cost is $100. Visit our website for more formation about the Foundation for Success Program.

Green River Staff on the Road

Alvin Tai Alvin Tai
Vietnam: June 7 - 14
Leo Harten Leo Harten
Our Recruitment Representative, is currently living in Indonesia. If you would like Leo to assist you with any promotional activities, please let us know. 

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Emergency: (253) 740-8422


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