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Important Information Issue No 79 | Winter Quarter | March/April 2012


Student of the Month

Jon Gustav Eriksson - Sweden

Jon Gustav Eriksson

Jon Gustav Eriksson - Sweden

What is your name?
Jon Gustav Eriksson.

Where are you from?
Skellefteå, Sweden

What is your major?

Why did you choose to come to GRCC?
Both my parents had either studied or worked abroad so they instilled a want of studying abroad for me. As for picking GRCC, the study abroad agency I was using back in Sweden had connections with GRCC and they made it sound really great.

What did you like most about GRCC?
GRCC was really welcoming to me and made it easy to navigate an academic system that was completely foreign (no pun intended) to me. The international advisors were always patient with my questions and they were almost always able to help me, even when it went well beyond their responsibilities. I am forever grateful for their help.

What you you going to do now?
I've applied for bachelor programs in nursing, I'm hoping to be accepted at Louisiana State. Before that I'm looking forward to a summer with my family and friends in Sweden.

Would you recommend GRCC to a friend and why?
If you're an international student, GRCC is perfect. It makes it easy to get acclimated to a new country. There will be international students in almost every class you take so you will never feel alone.

Is there anything else you would like to share?If you are able to, take classes that is outside your comfort zone. If you're a business major, take an art class. If you're a social science major, take a science class. You will learn something new about yourself when you learn new things.

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