International Students: A Global Perspective in the Classroom

April 15, 2015

Bruce Haulman, Ph.D. - History instructor

Bruce Haulman has been teaching History at Green River College for over 30 years. For the past 18 years he has enjoyed the presence of international students in his classroom. "International students bring a rich diversity of social, political, cultural and ethnic experiences which serve to enhance and enrich the Green River experience for everyone, " said Dr. Haulman. "They bring a perspective that serves to broaden the opinions of everyone on campus. In addition, they bring a knowledge of the American culture from an international viewpoint that helps all of us see ourselves more clearly."

History of the Movies is one of Dr. Haulman's more popular classes with international students. He has had students from Japan, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Sweden and Denmark attend this class. Dr. Haulman said, "Each student brings a unique viewpoint on Hollywood movies from his/her own culture. When we talk in class about the Hollywood style, these students bring examples from their own national cinema that show that there are alternative styles to making films. They bring an international perspective as to why Hollywood movies are so popular and why Hollywood movies have become the standard around the world."

International students help propel the classroom into a global arena, enriching not only faculty but also all the students around them. Dr Haulman said,  "I could not imagine higher learning without this world view."