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Issue No 39
Winter Quarter
February 2008

Interested in Art? Begin Your Studies at
Green River College

February 2008

GRCC Art Instructor, Cindy Small
Cindy Small visited Sweden last summer to teach fine arts at Mid Sweden University in Sundsvall, Sweden.

Green River Community College's Art Program provides students with a strong foundation in art.  It gives them an opportunity to explore many different media types (photography, painting, drawing, graphic design, pottery) and to gain faith in their creative processes. Students from Green River have gone on to major in architecture, fine arts, design, interior design, fashion design, animation, film, Web design, gaming and more.

Cindy Small, who holds a Masters in Fine Arts said, "Our instructors are very caring and take time to help students build their confidence and technical skills. For example, if you take figure drawing at Green River you will get a lot more one-on-one attention from the instructors.  Whereas at a four-year university, you will be one of many competing in a large class."

Green River Art students have gone on to top universities around the U.S. For example, Meng Cai of China was just recently accepted into the landscape architecture program at the University of Washington.  He took three levels of drawing at Green River. 

Telan Thotsawat of Thailand just graduated from Pratt Institute in New York City and received a two-year work visa to work as an artist/designer for a major manufacturing firm. 

Do you remember Rosanna Wang?  She started out as an IESL student in September 2003 and will be graduating from The Art Institute of Chicago this June. She still keeps in touch with her instructors at Green River because they made a huge impact on her.

There are many more examples. The point is Green River is a great place to gain a foundation in art and to build confidence as an artist. You can take that anywhere.

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