Green River Offers Many Free Time Activities

April 03, 2015

Students enjoy skiing in Whistler, B.C.


Students enjoy skiing in Whistler, B.C.

We want you to know that students you send to Green River College will have many opportunities outside of the classroom. We believe that enjoying time away from the classroom is an important part of the learning experience at Green River. Many social, physical and cultural activities are available for international students. A full-time activities coordinator is available to help international students find the right activities for them. From sports events to rock music to sightseeing tours, GRCC plans something exiting for every week of the year.

Examples of Social Activities

• 25 student clubs
• Student Government
• Day trips
• Weekend travel opportunities
• Community volunteer organization
• Shopping

Examples of Physical Activities

• Soccer (football)
• Volleyball
• Basketball
• Badminton
• Tennis
• Golf
• Baseball
• Hiking
• Skiing/Snowboarding

Examples of Cultural Activities

• International Week (link to Japanese story)
• Theater
• Festivals
• Concerts
• Art

If students don’t find the activity they want, Martha Koch, International Student Activities Coordinator, will help them with their desired activity. New activities are developed continually from ideas presented by new students. Find more information on Student Programs and Outdoor Program activities.