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Issue No 38
Winter Quarter
January 2008

What's Our Goal for 2008? To Serve You Better!

January 2008

Judy Fuchs and Oksana Knyaz
From left: Judy Fuchs, International Data Manager and Oksana Knyaz, International Business Manager

Green River Community College's International Programs is always looking for better ways to serve our agents.

Our growth and expansion have created many great opportunities. In order to continue to meet your business needs, we have hired Oksana Knyaz to manage the business functions formerly run by Judy Fuchs. Don't worry, Judy is not going anywhere. She has taken on a new role as the International Data Manager. She will be responsible for managing our technology initiatives and student and agency records.

Oksana brings a wealth of experience to her position as the new International Business Manager. She has been with Green River College for over 11 years. For the past five years, she worked as an accountant in the Business Office. Oksana will be helping with payments, commissions, tuition and insurance. If you have any financial questions, Oksana can be reached at

We are very excited about our new business services team and providing improvements to you.  In fact, thanks to their joint effort, we have just launched an online refund request form. The purpose of this form is to make it easier and quicker for agents to get their refunds. Try it out and let us know what you think.

Happy New Year!