Green River College
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Issue No 33
Spring Quarter
June 2007

GRCC Grads Transfer to Top Universities

June 2007

Ni-Ni (Shelly) Chen - Taiwan
UC Irvine
Major: Psychology

"I came to Green River in the fall of 2005. I enrolled in the High School Completion program. I was able to skip one year of high school (and gain college credits). We don't have this program where I am from. I am really grateful for this program."



Ni-Ni (Shelly) Chen

Qiong (Linda) Li - China
University of Washington - Seattle
Major: Business (Finance)

"I came to Green River in the fall of 2006. The faculty, staff and advisors are so supportive at Green River Community College. They boost my self-confidence and motivate me towards my goals."

Qiong (Linda) Li
Ryan Agustino - Indonesia
University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
Major: Industrial and Management Engineering

"Green River helped me to transfer to a top 4-year university and adapt to US culture. Green River's status as a community college allowed me to attend lectures in a small class setting, which was very helpful to me because English is not my first language. Also, Green River's standing as one of the best northwestern two-year colleges in AMATYC Student Math League contest has gained respect from many 4-year colleges."

Ryan Agustino
Mischa Winkler - Switzerland
Portland State University
Major: Architecture

"Green River is a good place to start. Green River offers great value for the tuition. The advisors help you to get into the college system and transfer to a four-year university."


Mischa Winkler

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