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Issue No 43
Summer Quarter
August 2008

Go Green at Green River College

August 2008

Did you know that you can study at Green River and protect our planet at the same time by enrolling in one of Green River's environmentally friendly programs? 

Green River offers transfer degrees in :

  • Engineering: Green River's engineering program prepares students for transfer into areas such as:

    • Civil engineering - Design, construct and maintain the physical and naturally built environment, including bridges, roads, canals, dams and buildings.

    • Environmental engineering - Improve the environment by working on ways to create healthier water, air and land.

  • Environmental Science - Environmental Science is about understanding the relationships among organisms (people as well as the other inhabitants) and our shared environment.

  • Geographic Information Systems -  Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are software applications designed to support decision-making, site-selection, spatial analysis, and cartography (map making). This technology is widely used by industry and government to support applications such as urban growth management, natural resources/conservation and utilities management.

  • Natural Resources - GRCC's Natural Resources program prepares students for employment in forestry, water quality, or park management. Students have the opportunity to work with both instructors and natural resources professionals in the field like foresters and park managers. The award winning faculty are experienced in all facets of natural resources, forestry, water quality and park management. Green River's A.A.S. degree with a Natural Resources option, will give you an edge on transferring to a university.

    • Natural Resources GIS Program - This degree program prepares graduates to work outside collecting data using electronic equipment such as GPS (Global Positioning Systems) or ArcPad, laser range-finders, and data-loggers. They also work inside at a computer, downloading the data collected into databases to produce Geographic Information systems (GIS) computer-generated maps for public and private entities.