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Issue No 47
Winter Quarter
January 2009

Student of the Month

January 2009

Hieu Quach
 Hieu Quach, Vietnam
Hieu Quach is from Vietnam.  He came to Green River Community College (GRCC) in the fall of 2007 and is working towards a graphic design major.

"Before I came to Green River, I  was a high school exchange student in a small town in Texas. After that experience, I knew I wanted to continue my college education in the U.S.A., so I contacted EF Vietnam for recommendations.  They suggested Green River Community College and put me in contact with a Vietnamese student at GRCC."

Hieu began GRCC as an academic student. He had very strong English skills because of his year as a high school exchange student.

"I took a lot of art classes my first quarter," said Hieu. "...Art 105, 106, 109 and 110. My teachers were great. I'd say my favorite was Cindy Small."

Hieu wanted to help his parents with some of the expenses of attending college, so the following quarter he got a job as an IESL tutor and he applied for the Robert L. Youells  Music and Art Foundation Scholarship.  This is a talent-based scholarship and fine arts students must submit a portfolio in order to qualify.  

"I put a lot of effort into this scholarship and I did everything I could to be the most impressive applicant... Two months later, a letter came to my house notifying me that I got the scholarship for $2500, which is approximately tuition for one quarter. I was so happy that I was almost moved to tears. I felt proud," Hieu said.

In addition to the scholarship money, Hieu was able to find two part-time jobs on campus. He is currently working as an assistant to MacKenzie Hizon, the director of international outreach and regional contact for Vietnam. Part of his job is answering  e-mails from prospective Vietnamese students.   He is also the author of the student blog, What's it Like to be a Green River International Student. Hieu also works in the college's marketing office creating flyers and posters to promote events on campus.

"My on-campus jobs are giving me valuable experience and they help me with some of the college expenses too."

Hieu will graduate in spring 2009. His goal is to attend UCLA.