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Issue No 47
Winter Quarter
January 2009

New Marketer Brings New Ideas

January 2009

MacKenzie Hizon, Director of International Outreach
MacKenzie Hizon, Director of International Outreach

MacKenzie Hizon joined GRCC’s International Marketing team in April 2008. She is the Director for International Outreach, and the lead contact for Vietnam and other regions.

MacKenzie brings a unique passion and talent to the International Programs Marketing Team. It's called Web 2.0.

What is Web 2.0? More and more colleges and universities are using Web 2.0 technology in order to reach out and engage current and prospective students. Students are tired of reading static Web pages and PDFs. Students want to interact with other students online. They want to see videos and read blogs.  Students participate and exchange ideas via social networking websites such as: YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, Youmeo, Twitter, and Flickr.

MacKenzie said, “I saw an opportunity to showcase all the amazing things we do at Green River by posting our message where the students are everyday."

MacKenzie has been instrumental in kicking off some of these Web 2.0 projects. She has worked together with the advisors and marketers to create:



Social Networking Sites:

  • MacKenzie has experience using social networking sites such as Facebook. She hopes to continue to integrate this method of communication between students and agents.  If you don't currently belong to Facebook, here is an opportunity to sign up so that you can get the latest updates, videos and photos. Here's a helpful  How-to Guide to creating a Facebook Page.

  • Facebook - created by Alvin Tai, IP Advisor  for current students

There is much more to come.  The IP Marketing staff are looking forward to creating more innovative ways to keep you and students in touch with Green River Community College.

Future Projects will include:  

  • Podcasting

  • Student-generated content Web site

  • More videos

  • Photographs

  • Feature articles written by students

  • Skype chat

  • "Ask a Student" - new chat feature that allows students to chat with a current student directly.

MacKenzie earned a B.A. in Business Administration, an M.A. TESOL/Educational Linguistics; she studied in Australia for one year and Thailand for 6 months. MacKenzie has traveled extensively throughout Asia, including Vietnam, and she lived in China for a year, teaching and serving as the marketing coordinator for an English language school. MacKenzie has a strong marketing/sales background as well as experience in all aspects of international education: marketing, recruitment, advising, instruction, and service coordination.