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Eric Januar: Student Activities


Eric Januar is majoring in chemical engineering and physics and is transferring to UC Berkeley in the fall 2009.

Eric Januar is from Jakarta, Indonesia and is majoring in chemical engineering and physics. He will be transferring to UC Berkeley in the fall of 2009.

Eric loved getting involved on campus. He arrived winter quarter 2007 and joined the Global Community Organization (GCO) Club right away. He met lots of people and made lots of friends while volunteering for events such as helping out at the Auburn Food Bank and planting trees.

In the spring, he joined Community Leadership, Education, & Outreach (CLEO) Program.  In this program he gained many communication and leadership skills. 

"I was the Outdoor Programs Coordinator," said Eric. "I helped to organize events on and off campus such as: Welcome Day, Leavenworth Tree Lighting Ceremony, Skiing and Snowboarding trips, Paint ball and Snow Cave Camping, just to name a few."

Eric also took part in Student Government (ASGRCC) as an Ex Officio in Public Relations. He volunteered in the Math Learning Center and also worked as a math tutor.

Eric on a skiing trip with fellow GRCC classmates.

"College is not just about studying and going to class," said Eric. It's also important to get involved and get real life experience."

"In my personal essay (part of the application piece to get into a 4-year university), I wrote a lot about my involvement on campus, especially CLEO. I  think my two years with CLEO is what helped me to get into UC Berkeley. Some of my friends who had higher GPAs, but were not involved in Student Life on campus did not get accepted."

"I am very grateful to Dani Chang, Martha Koch, the IP advisors and my instructors. I learned so much from them and they helped me a lot during my 2 1/2 years at Green River."

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