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Student of the Month

Junho Kim: Korea

 Jinho Kim

Junho Kim is a member of the CCA Resident Council..

Junho Kim is from Korea. He is a member of the Campus Corner Apartments (CCA) Resident Council.

"I love CCA because it is close to campus. Also, I have been able to make a lot of friends from many different countries, and I don't have to worry about bills and finding a roommate. At CCA, I can focus better on my studies."

"I got involved with the Resident Council because I wanted to make a difference. I saw some areas that needed fixing. I wish more students would get involved in school. It is a great opportunity to make friends and make a difference."

Junho is majoring in Computer Science and plans to transfer this spring. "My first choice is the University of Washington because I have read that their Computer Science program ranks very high. Also, I do not want to leave Washington. I really love it here."

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