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Former Washington State Governor Gary Locke named as US Ambassador to China

Rich Rutkowski, GRCC student, and Gary Locke

From left: Former GRCC President, Rich Rutkowski; GRCC student, Ian MacLurg; and Former Washington State Governor Gary Locke.

President Obama recently nominated Commerce Secretary Gary Locke to be US Ambassador to China, pending confirmation by the Senate. Confirmation is expected with little opposition. Mr. Locke was governor of Washington State between 1996 and 2004. During that time, he was particularly popular and well known in China, owing to his family roots in Guangdong province. He is expected to be very well received in China as the next US ambassador.

Mr. Locke helped open the door to China for our college. Three Washington higher education officials, including Ross Jennings, VP-IP from GRCC, accompanied Gov. Locke on a trade mission to China in October 2003. Gov. Locke publically endorsed several of our educational partnerships, and his support led to our flagship sister school relationship with Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai.

We believe Ambassador Locke will continue to build a very strong relationship between China and the United States, and support our educational efforts in China as well. GRCC has a friend in China.

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