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Student of the Month

Liwei Wang - China

Liwei Wang - China

Liwei Wang "William" - China

Liwei Wang aka "William" is from China. He is majoring in Finance.  He is a Beijing Normal University (BNU) student and is participating in the 1 + 1 + 2 Program.

What is the 1 + 1 + 2 Program?

This is a program for Chinese students attending Beijing Normal University in China.  During the first year, students attend Beijing Normal University, year 2 students attend Green River College, and then transfer to a 4-year university in the United States for the last 2 years.  William has already been accepted into Purdue University. However, he hopes to get into the University of Wisconsin - Madison. This is his first choice. 

What classes are you taking?

"I'm taking Psychology, English 101, Physics and Public Speaking. These are General Requirements that I need to transfer.

I have also improved my English quite a bit. Before coming to GRCC I scored a 6 on my IELTS - three months later, I took the test again and scored a 7.

All the instructors and staff are very nice.  They are very helpful and they make me feel like part of a family."

What do you think about GRCC?

"Campus Services are very good.  GRCC provides 'Safety Rides' to students to and from Campus Corner Apartments, nearby apartments and home shares, Holman Library and local stores.

I live at Campus Corner Apartments.  I have three roommates. Two are from Korea and one is from Japan.  We enjoy eating curry together and when we speak, we use 4 different languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean and English). We mix them all up. It's quite funny. There are a lot of similarities in our languages and cultures."

What activities do you participate in on campus?

"I work on campus as a Marketing Assistant for Ross Jennings, the Vice President for International Programs. I help with communication to BNU and Chinese students. 

There are over 70 BNU students at GRCC and there are 14 more coming this spring. I will be helping with orientation and airport pickup.

I have also volunteered with King County Parks. I planted trees. In addition, I have volunteered at the Auburn Food Bank and the Garden of Goo.  I also went with the college to see the Picasso Exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum.

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