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Issue No 14
Spring Quarter
April 2007

Green River International Program Advisors

June 26, 2015

Alvin Tai, John Tankersley, Sarah Hamilton, Carla Honkanen, Sarah Cunningham, and Jessica Galàn.
Not photographed: Bob Lawrence

As GRCC’s International Programs Advising Team, we strive to assist students to achieve their individual, educational goals.  We have collectively lived, traveled, and studied in many parts of the world and the majority of us have Master’s degrees.  We use our education and training to provide comprehensive information and a sense of community for our students that helps them feel comfortable and welcome.  In addition, all students are assigned an advisor, which allows us to really get to know them and give them the best possible personal service.   

  • Alvin Tai, Advising Coordinator and Advisor for Indonesia and Taiwan
  • Sarah Cunningham and Sarah Hamilton, Advisors for China, Hong Kong, and Macau
  • John Tankersley, Advisor for Japan and Korea
  • Jessica Galán, Advisor for Vietnam and other countries
  • Carla Honkanen, Part-time and Front Desk Advisor
  • Bob Lawrence, Part-time Advisor, IESL

We work one-on-one with our students in designing their educational plan and many of our students have successfully transferred to many reputable universities in the U.S. including the University of Washington, Indiana University, and Cornell University.  Ultimately, we are passionate about helping our students succeed and enjoy a rewarding, American experience!