Five Resources Green River Provides to Help Students Achieve Success

Personal advisor advises Kiki Van Essen from the Netherlands

Green River College is focused on student success. In order for students to have every opportunity for success the College provides the following resources:

  1. Personal Advisor for Educational Planning – Our top priority is to help students achieve their academic goals. Transferring to top universities, earning a certificate or completing a Gap Year, the process can be complex and takes time, but our friendly, knowledgeable advising staff is available to work with students to achieve success. Go to our Advising page for more information.
  2. Writing Resource Center – The Writing Center provides one-on-one consulting services for students at all stages of the writing process. In the Center you will find faculty and staff who can answer questions about writing issues, access to online writer’s resources and handouts on common writing problems.
  3. Math Learning Center – The Math Learning Center provides tutoring for every math class offered. In addition, math videos, computers, textbooks and other learning resources are available free of charge to support students to achieve success.
  4. International Student Housing – Good housing is essential to student success. Green River provides both on-campus housing and homestay accommodations. There is a full time director and two staff dedicated to international students. Students are greeted at the airport, provided assistance in setting up their accommodations and making the transition to campus life. Go to our Housing page for more information.
  5. Student Life Center – The Student Life Center helps students to get involved in clubs, organizations, athletics, recreation, travel and performing arts programs. There is something for everyone! Being part of a group of fellow students is important for student success. Check out the Student Life Calendar. And get involved!!!