Our secret formula to a successful student

By: Mary Butcher, Foundation for Success/High School Completion Plus Program Manager

Students gather at Campus Corner

One of Green River's secrets to creating a happy and successful student is combining the Foundation for Success (FFS) program and a good friend or Peer Mentor.

FFS is a one quarter program that helps students establish a strong learning foundation and enables them to transfer to top universities. This program is required for all incoming 16 & 17 year old academic students and now, beginning fall 2013, all new students enrolled in the Intensive English Language Program.

FFS offers young students and those adapting to a new culture and language that extra help that can make a difference between failure and success.

Each incoming student will be assigned a Peer Mentor their first quarter. The Peer Mentor will answer questions, listen to problems, and spend time with the new students. Peer Mentors will also help with time management, university transfer, and independent living skills. Many students enjoy the program so much that they apply to be Peer Mentors in the future. Friendships made in this program often last throughout the student's time at Green River.

Ivan Salim was a Peer Mentor last year after being a Mentee the year before. He is a Chemical Engineering major from Indonesia and has been accepted to UC Berkeley. "Foundation for Success is like a second home. This program is the perfect place for adaptation to culture shock," says Ivan.

This fall Kiki Van Essen from the Netherlands is looking forward to being a Peer Mentor. Kiki was a mentee the year before. She enjoyed FFS so much, she applied to be a mentor. "What I liked about the FFS program is the extra attention for the new young students. The feeling that I was not alone here and that there was always someone to help with problems gave me a secure feeling." Kiki wants to return the favor to a young student in September.