Green River Adds 5 New Transfer Pathway Institutions

By: Ross Jennings, Vice President International Programs and Extended Learning

Internationals students attend the University Transfer Fair at Green River

You can go anywhere from here.

Green River College enjoys a high reputation for sending its international students to top universities all over the US in its "2+2" transfer program. Twice a year, some 100 US universities come to Green River to recruit international students to their schools. Recent visitors to Green River have included UC Berkeley, Arizona State, Columbia, Baylor, Johns Hopkins, Washington, Colorado and many other highly ranked universities.

The college has developed transfer pathways to literally hundreds of top universities all over the US. In addition, Green River has established admissions agreements with 25 universities in the college’s unique University Transfer Pathway program. Three University of California branches – Santa Barbara, Irvine and Davis – are participants in this program.

We are proud to introduce five new University Transfer Pathway admission agreements with – Arizona State University, American University, Baylor University, University of Iowa and University of Nevada Las Vegas. Four of the five are ranked by US News as top 100 US national universities or by ARWU as top 100 world universities. The fifth, UNLV, is currently ranked #2 in hotel management and hospitality in the country. We are very happy to offer conditional guaranteed admission to these outstanding US institutions to our students.

The Green River cost advantage continues to make the 2+2 option viable for students from countries with both three year and four year bachelor’s degree systems. Two years of Green River tuition at just under $10,000 per year compares favorably to one year of international student tuition at most US and foreign universities. The fact that students can come to Green River one or two years before graduating from high school saves even more time and money. We are honored to serve more and more students from around the world who seek bachelor’s degrees from top US universities in an affordable and well organized program.