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Green River and Yugavidyaa

The YUGAVIDYAA "Emerging Leaders Program" (YV ELP) 2013 is a joint initiative of Green River Community College located at Auburn near Seattle, USA and Yugavidyaa Education PL, New Delhi, India. YV ELP will be enrolling high honor and merit students from various top schools in India and giving them a chance to do the High School Completion Plus program coupled with the Associate Degree during their 11th and 12th year of education at Green River.

The student gets to study at Green River during his 11th and 12th grade years, and in turn helps him save 2 years of college time and money by achieving his Washington State High School Diploma (Equivalent to Indian High School completion) and first 2 years of college credit at the same time (via the Associate Degree). After the Associate Degree in Business, Science or Arts at Green River, students can transfer to a high quality university anywhere in the US to complete their bachelor's degree in an additional two years. Green River international students have been admitted to dozens of top universities, including University of Washington, UCLA, Michigan, Ohio State, Rutgers, Texas, UC Berkeley, Indiana, Cornell, USC, and many other great schools.

As a result of this strategic alliance with Green River, the YV ELP students will be able to benefit from the direct transfer agreements Green River already has in place with 20 universities as part of the University Transfer Pathway program. The YV student would also be getting a conditional letter of acceptance from these universities during the very inception of his program in the 11th Year, prior to leaving for the USA, guaranteeing him a place for the 3rd and 4th year at the university. Students also have the opportunity to transfer to hundreds of other top US universities not part of the University Transfer Pathway program.

The aim of this program is to create a peer group with diverse backgrounds from India who wish to develop their leadership quotient and want a challenging environment to bring out the best inside them. They will represent the best of India and mix with great students from over 50 countries at a beautiful, high-tech campus, and build a great future for themselves through personal development and excellent academic performance.

Intake is set for June and September. To apply for the next session or get additional information on the YV ELP Program, please visit