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Important Information Issue No 52| Spring Quarter | June/July 2009


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Green River's Top 10 Transfer Students

Green River College international students are admitted to top universities all over the US.

Year after year Green River international students gain admission to top universities across the U.S.  Here is a list of this year's top 10 transfer students representing 10 different countries.

Shufei Zhang Shufei Zhang- China
Major: Psychology

Also accepted to: University of Michigan

Green River is a small school with small classes, so I got a lot of personalized attention from faculty and advisors. I got valuable advice on how to get into a top 4-year university.

Hans Oswald Hans Oswald- Germany
UNC - Charlotte
Major: Business

Also accepted to: University of Houston, University of South Florida

Green River was tremendously helpful in getting me into a top four year school. Together with my advisers I achieved my dream of attending a state-of-the-art university. I'm very grateful for the time I spent at this College.

Mervyn Tsui Mervyn Tsui - Hong Kong/China
University of Southern California (USC)
Major: Economics and Mathematics

Also accepted to: UT Austin, Penn State, UC Davis and UC Irvine

Thanks to Green River I am transferring to a top university. The faculty and advisors helped me plan my two-year class schedule. The advisors helped me with my application and provided feedback on my personal essay.

Eric Januar Eric Januar - Indonesia
UC Berkeley
Major: Chemical Engineering

GRCC was an enormous stepping-stone for me. My dreams of possibilities become images of probabilities. I had amazing and passionate instructors and advisors that truly cared about me.  Here I discovered my passion for preserving earth through Chemical Engineering.

Keiichiro Seto Keiichiro Seto - Japan

Major: Computer Science

When I first came to Green River I didn't know what to major in.  My advisor asked me about my hobbies and gave me great advice. I really enjoy Computer Science. GRCC made me, me.

Ha Ram Kim Ha Ram Kim - Korea
Major - Aerospace Engineering

Green River's Work-Study program helped me to finish my A.S. degree. I hope more people can take advantages of this. Also, the math, physics, and engineering instructors are good at not only teaching, but also supporting and advising. I'm so thankful to have studied here.
Khulan Tumurbat Khulan Tumurbat - Mongolia
University of Washington - Seattle
Major - Psychology

Also accepted to University of Oregon, WSU

GRCC is one of the friendliest places I have ever been. There are so many resources and I had so much support. I collected a lot of stars on this campus. I feel confident I can move on...but this place will always be in my heart.

Livia Elisa Muller Livia Elisa Muller - Switzerland
American University
Major - International Studies
Also accepted to UNC-Chapel Hill and Brandeis

Green River was an immense influence in my getting accepted into a top university and I am extremely thankful for having made the decision to come here. President's Award Recipient
Ying Ju Lai Ying Ju Lai - Taiwan
University of Washington - Seattle

Major: Business

Also accepted to: WSU and Indiana University

The instructors at Green River are patient and experienced. Some of the classes were challenging and they were always very helpful. They also assisted me a lot when I applied to universities.

Thanh Van Nguyen Thanh Van Nguyen - Vietnam
Georgia Tech

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Also accepted to: UCLA, Purdue, and UC Davis

The faculty and advisors are all compassionate, encouraging and dedicated to helping students excel academically. It was an overall positive college experience.


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