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Important Information Issue No 82| Summer Quarter | July/August 2012


Important Information

In this section, I highlight dates, events, and campus news. Please let me know if there is anything that you would like me to post or cover.

Wendy Lee Stewart
Dean, International Programs

Important Dates

Summer Quarter: June through August 2012
Classes end August 16, 2012
Fall Quarter: September through December 2012
Housing move-in date September 12 & 13, 2012
Orientation and testing begins September 14, 2012
Classes start September 24, 2012
Classes end December 13, 2012

Housing Placements - August 13

Housing placements are made one month before orientation. For fall quarter, orientation begins on September 9th. So for fall quarter, housing placements will be made starting on August 13th. Housing placement notification will go out that week.

Campus Corner Apartment Placement

Our popular Campus Corner Apartments fill every quarter and have a waiting list. Fall quarter will be no different. Housing placement priority is based on receipt of completed housing application and placement fee. Students who requested CCA and do not get a spot for fall quarter, will be placed in host family.

Arrival: Move-in Days September 12 and 13

Please let us know as soon as possible when students confirm their flight information. You can email Also, could you please let us know if any students have made other plans and have decided not to attend GRCC this fall.

*NEW* Programs for 2012-2013

Two programs help our students be better adjusted and more successful at GRCC and in the United States. The programs are required for certain students. The cost of each one-quarter program is $100. Due to the late notice, we're giving a scholarship to each new Fall 2012 student for these fees. Yes, the programs are free to Fall 2012 students! Students will be charged as of Winter 2013.


Purpose: Teach new college academic-level students how to be successful college students in the US and maximize their chances to transfer to top US universities

Required for: All new students taking college-level classes in their first quarter

Cost: $100 (starting Winter 2013, no charge for new students in Fall 2012)

Hours per week: 3 class hours

Program details:

  • University transfer - Students will learn what it takes to transfer to top US universities, and how to maximize their chances for admission.
  • College success strategies - Students will learn about the Us college and university system and practice academic success skills that, if applied, should help them get better grades.
  • American classroom expectations - Students will learn what professors expect and how to meet those expectations.

Go to ISCE website for more information.

Foundation for Success (FFS)

Purpose: Help young, new students adjust to life and school in the US quickly and well

Required for: All students under 18 years of age (Fall 2012: Born after September 24, 1994

Cost: $100 (no charge for new students in Fall 2012)

Hours per week: 2 (one hour of class/home room, one hour of meeting with peer mentor)

Program details:

  • Peer mentors - Older, successful students will mentor and support each new student as they navigate their new life in the US. These "big brothers and sisters" will be of a similar background and same language (when possible) as the new students.
  • Home room - Weekly meetings and classes will provide help with all life issues: social life, study in the US, culture shock, making friends, living a healthy lifestyle, safety, and our staff will check with students and make sure they are doing well.
  • Report to parents - A report to parents will be sent by email in the parent's language midway during the quarter on how they are doing in school and adjusting to life in the US.

Go to FFS website for more information.

Green River Staff on the Road

Alvin Tai Alvin Tai
Singapore: July 20
Hong Kong: July 21-22
Brunei: July 23-27
Vietnam: July 28-30
Helen Kwon Helen Kwon: Int'l Student Advisor
Singapore, Hong Kong, S. Korea: July 18 - August 1st
Alvin Tai Geoff Moody
Indonesia: August
Robyn Carter Robyn Carter: Int'l Student Advisor
Indonesia: August
Wendy Lee Stewart Wendy Lee Stewart
Norway: September 16-26
Oksana Knyaz Oksana Knyaz
Ukraine & Russia: October 31 - November 10
Leo Harten Leo Harten
Our Recruitment Representative, is currently living in Indonesia. If you would like Leo to assist you with any promotional activities, please let us know. 

Important Contact Information

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Business (payment):
Visa confirmation:
Pre registration:
Emergency: (253) 740-8422


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