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Important Information Issue No 85 | Fall Quarter | November/December 2012


Student of the Month

Junjie Zhai - China

Oliver Opoku

Junjie Zhai - China

Jungie Zhai is from Xi'an, China. He is majoring in Aeronautical Engineering and just found out that he has been accepted to the Georgia Institute of Technology - a very presigious engineering school. He will be transferring spring semester which begins January 2013.

Junjie wanted to study in the United States because of the country's advanced techonlogy. He learned about Green River College from an agency called Shinyway. They told him that Green River has a very good Engineering program and that students transfer into top universities after graduation. Junjie learned this first hand. He said, "If you study hard, you can get into a top university."

Junjie likes Green River College because of the small class sizes and the one-on-one personal attention he gets from instructors and staff. "College education in the U.S. is different from China," said Junjie. "The classes are smaller and there are more opportunities to talk to instructors. In China there are more than 100 students in a class so opportunites to talk to instructors is minimal."

Junjie works part-time in the International Programs office as a Student Marketing Assistant for Stephanie Scoby. He gets to interact with the International Programs staff quite a bit. "They give valuable advice and help to clarify things for you. They really look after you. If you have any questions about school, housing, life, even buying a car, they are there for you."

Junjie's future goal is be an Aerospace Engineer and build and manufactur aircraft. While at Green River he had the opportunity to visit Boeing and he was very impressed. He said, "The company is so efficient. I would love to work for a company like that in the future."

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