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Important Information Issue No 83 | Fall Quarter | September/October 2012


Student of the Month

Vice President Offers Three Tips for Success at Green River

Ross Jennings

Ross Jennings, Vice President of International Programs.

The new school year is starting!!! It is an exciting time. Soon your students will be up to their elbows in books, studying for exams, papers and quizzes, and wondering what they can do to be successful. The following tips/good ideas can help them do well at the College.

  1. Get Involved: - Join a club, lead an activity, volunteer in the community or tutor in the learning center are examples of involvement. A recent Harvard study showed that involvement outside the classroom had a positive impact on grades. Involvement provides a student with a rich, deep, happy college experience.
  2. Show effort: - Effort means trying hard and working. There is no magic formula for success that does not involve effort. People who work hard succeed. People who do not work hard fail. Students who start working hard on the first day of class develop good habits that help them the whole quarter. If a student starts slow, it is very hard to catch up. A good idea is to make a school study schedule and follow it every day.
  3. Work on your English: - Your English will improve faster if you use it outside the classroom. Be brave and use it everywhere! Talk to people, read magazines, watch TV, buy a pronunciation CD. Decide to go a day with only speaking English. See how fast you will improve.

The entire International Programs Staff (30 plus) looks forward to helping your students succeed. Please share these tips with them when you bid them a "safe journey".

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