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Important Information Issue No 91 | Summer Quarter | July/August 2013


Student of the Month

Indira Pranabudi - Indonesia

 Indira Pranabudi

Indira Pranabudi - Indonesia

Indira Pranabudi is from Indonesia. She came to Green River College winter quarter 2012, just after she finished her O-levels. "I always wanted to go to college in the U.S. An agency in Indonesia told me that I could finish high school and go to college at the same time. I looked at several community colleges and chose Green River after reading the transfer testimonials."

Indira is majoring in Computer Science and transferring to Brown University in the fall. "I am interested in technology - something that can change the world. I want to use technology to help provide education to more Indonesians. Indonesia is the 4th most populous nation in the world and a lot of them are living in poverty. I want to give an opportunity to them."

When asked why she chose to go to Brown, Indira said, "I like their open curriculum. I can major in Computer Science and explore other interests. I can meet people who are psychology majors. Also, Brown was ranked one of the Happiest Colleges in America."

When asked about Green River, Indira said, "Green River was a really good stepping stone for me. I am not a very outgoing student, but I always wanted to do something that would have an affect on others." Green River gave her that opportunity. She got a job on campus as Marketing Assistant in the International Programs Office, where she excelled in writing blogs and creating Video Logs (vlogs). Check out Cooking on a Sunday. She also started a Muslim student club and a photography club.

"People are really friendly and welcoming at Green River. You can try new things and meet a lot of different people. If you start out at a big university, it is harder to meet people. The class sizes at Green River are smaller and instructors are really helpful."

phtography club

Indira (center) and her friends created a Photobooth during the last week of school.

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