Green River College
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Issue No 41
Spring Quarter
April/May 2008

Transfer to Top Engineering 4-Year Universities
 from GRCC

April 2008

Jeff McCauley, Green River Engineering Instructor.
Jeff McCauley has taught Engineering at GRCC for 16 years.

Green River Community College's Engineering Program provides students with a strong foundation in engineering. Green River has a very good reputation for preparing students for transfer into top 4-year universities and schools.

Jeff McCauley, who has taught at the college for 16 years said, "Our goal is get our students into the university and school of their choice. Students need to be certified into their major. Therefore they need to be competitive. Engineering is very demanding and we push our students to excel. There is no statistical difference between the grades you get here and the extremely demanding 4-year universities."

Green River offers 3 major-ready pathways:

  1. Mechanical/Civil/Aeronautical

  2. Chemical/Biological

  3. Electrical/Computer

The pathways are designed to make students transfer-ready at selected four-year universities cutting down on the time it takes students to earn a degree. Most of our students graduate from 4-year universities in two years.

Some of our top students have been accepted into Cornell, UC Berkeley, UCLA, University of Washington and many more. We just received news that one of our students, Gabriella Lestari who graduated from Green River Community College in 2007 and transferred to UC Berkeley, was a recipient of the KAUST Discover Scholarship. Recipients of this scholarship represent future leaders in science, engineering and technology.

To learn more about Green River's Engineering Program contact Jeff McCauley or Janet Ash