Green River College
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Keeping you Informed
Issue No 35
Fall Quarter
October 2007

Green River Staff Go the Extra Mile for Their Students

By Ross Jennings, Vice President of International Programs

October 2007

IUB Kelley School of Business Staff with GRCC staffGreen River not only sends its international students to top US universities - they follow them there to make sure they're ok!

Indiana University Bloomington (IUB) is one of the favorite destinations for GRCC international students, particularly IUB's Kelley School of Business. Recent IUB transfer changes caused a slight bit of confusion to some of this year's incoming GRCC transfers. Rather than rely on phone and email, a GRCC team of three visited senior IUB staff in Bloomington to discuss every aspect of transfer admission, orientation, class selection and admission to the Kelley School of Business. They also visited with about 20 GRCC transfers now attending IUB.

GRCC's Mark Blaisdell, economics professor, Sarah Hamilton, international student advisor, and Ross Jennings, vice president of GRCC International Programs, were very well received by IUB staff over the three-day visit. They learned a lot of good information to make it easier for next year's students to transfer to IUB. GRCC students transfer to top universities all over the US. The college offers expert advice on how to gain admission and maximize transfer credits. With over 2,500 universities in the US, this task isn't easy.

GRCC staff visit GRCC transfer students at IUBThis is not GRCC's first visit to popular transfer destinations. GRCC staff has visited universities in California, Oregon, Washington a number of times, as well as visiting Purdue, Ohio State, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Indiana once before in the Midwest. "We'll do anything we can to help our students", said Jennings, "even if we have to follow them to their universities to do it!"