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Green River College International Programs

Frequently asked questions

Jelle Draper - The Netherlands

Jelle Draper is currently participating in the Green River to California Gap Year Program. He loves to ski and surf and is a talented photographer as well. Follow his Gap Year adventure on Flickr and YouTube: Olympic National Park and Snowboarding at Crystal Mountain and Stevens Pass. ...more

  • Jelle Draper The Netherlands
  • Gap Year: Green River to California

We are here to help

If you have additional questions, feel free to email us at

How do I apply to the Gap Year Program?

  • Submit an International Student Application.
  • Provide a Financial Statement from a personal bank account indicating that US $21,000 is available to finance your education.
  • Submit a $50.00 dollar non-refundable application fee.
  • Submit housing selection and fee.
  • Submit a copy of passport.

When will I hear if I got in?

After all required materials are received an admission decision will be made within seven days.

What are the application deadlines?

The application deadlines for the Gap Year program are as follows:

  • Traditional Gap Year - Aug 1
  • Green River - California - Aug 1
  • Green River - Hawaii - Aug 1
  • Green River - Australia / NZ - Aug 1

How much does it cost*?

  • Traditional, California and Hawaii: The approximate cost is $7,000 per quarter or $21,000 for the year.
  • Green River to Australia/New Zealand: The approximate cost is $7,000 for fall quarter, $9,500 for winter quarter, which includes round trip airfare from Seattle to Australia/New Zealand, and $7,000 for spring quarter.
  • Travel costs to Green River from home country not included.

*These costs are our best estimate of tuition and living expenses. Prices are subject to change.

What are my housing options?

  • Green River College offers on campus apartments and home stay. A housing application can be found on the student housing website. The $300 dollar placement fee includes airport pickup service and room preparation. The College will confirm housing and airport pick-up.
  • Santa Barbara City College does not provide on campus housing. Green River staff will meet with students transferring to SBCC by October 15th to go over housing options and assist students in selecting an accommodation.
  • Kapi'olani Community College does not provide on campus housing. Green River staff will meet with students transferring to KCC by October 15th to go over housing options and assist students in selecting an accommodation
  • Australia/New Zealand - Students will stay at the University of Melbourne and will be accommodated in single rooms. These are college dormitories with shared baths and communal eating facilities. While studying in New Zealand, students will live in shared student housing near the Unitec University campus or with carefully selected host families.

What are the living expenses?

Normal living expenses are contained within the costs listed above. Extra travel and special purchases are in addition to normal living expenses.

What happens after I'm accepted into the Gap Year Program?

You will receive an admission packet that includes your acceptance letter, international student handbook, and a variety of other information. You should receive your admission packet two weeks after your acceptance to a Green River Gap Year Program.

You will receive a date to arrive at Green River, confirmation of your housing accommodations and an overview of orientation.

What happens during Orientation?

  • We explain important information that you will need during your Gap Year Program.
  • We will do preliminary planning for California, Hawaii and Australia / New Zealand.
  • You will take placement tests in English and Math so you will be placed in the right classes.
  • You will register for classes.
  • You will have the opportunity to sign up for many activity programs.
  • You will take a sight seeing and shopping trip to Seattle.
  • You will attend a free overnight trip to a resort camp in the beautiful Northwest environment. The purpose of the trip is to make friends and have fun before classes start.

Can I enroll in the Intensive English Program while attending Green River College?

You may enroll in the Intensive English Program if you have chosen to attend the Traditional GAP Year Program.

You will need to demonstrate English proficiency if you enroll in the California, Hawaii or Australia GAP Year Programs.

TOEFL/IELTS Requirements for admission

  • TOEFL 61/173/500, IELTS 5.5, no band lower than 5.0 = Admission to Academic Program
  • No TOEFL or IELTS for placement in Intensive English Program
  • Secondary Education. Official high school completion diploma from accredited institutions in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom or the United States indicating a passing score in English.
    • Denmark: A minimum grade of 7 in A-level English and 10 in B-level English (new scale); grade of 11 in English in Stream B, Technical Path
    • Finland: High School English grade 8 or higher
    • Germany: Gymnasium/Abitur of 7 or higher in LF classes; without LF, a grade of 10 or higher
    • Netherlands: VWO: 6 or higher; HAVO: 7 or higher; MBO: 7 or higher
    • Norway: High School English grade of 4 or higher
    • Sweden: Upper Secondary School: VG
  • Academic placement on the GRCC IESL Placement Test. A score of 85 or higher on the Multiple Choice section of the IESL Placement Test and an academic level proficiency on both the written essay and oral test is considered an indication of academic-level standing.

Can I work?

You may work part-time on campus as a student assistant. There are a limited number of jobs on campus. The money earned from a part-time job on campus should not be considered a major source of your funding for your tuition and living expenses.

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