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Green River College International Programs

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Our students talk about their university transfer experience.

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Class of 2015

Kiki van Essen - The Netherlands

Kiki van EssenThe Netherlands

Pacific Lutheran University
Major: Communications

Studying at Green River College has been a great experience for me. Green River gave me a lot of opportunities to get involved, and because I grabbed all of them, doors opened. I was able to run a successful club, get several work-study opportunities, and even a scholarship. Green River offers many tutoring resources if you’re struggling in classes, or want to improve your grades. Going to the Public Speaking Center helped to develop my public speaking skills a lot and my desire to major in Communications. The 2+2 program gave me the freedom to make some mistakes and learn from them too. I am looking forward to starting at PLU with the knowledge Green River has given me on how to succeed!

Mieska Alia Farhana - Indonesia

Mieska Alia FarhanaIndonesia

University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign
Major: Economics
Also admitted to: Ohio State University, University of Minnesota.

It is just unbelievable how two years have quickly passed since the first time I studied at Green River College (GRC). Good and bad things that I have had during these times have become an experience that will never be forgotten. I guess we were all in the same situation where we felt like we had been pulled out from our comfort zones and moved into a completely new environment. Many people would agree that studying abroad, as well as trying to fit into the new environment, would be the hardest thing. Luckily, I did not feel that way by being at GRC. GRC has made me understand more about the essentials in life. Not only, did I acquire knowledge at my time at this college, I gained invaluable lessons about friendship, respect and being a contributing individual to the community at large. Thank you GRC for the memories and the person you have made me today. I will forever have GRC in my heart.

Mark Li - Kazakhstan

Mark Li Kazakhstan

California State University, Northridge
Major: Biological Sciences
Also admitted to: UC Davis, Portland State University, Oregon State University, Oregon Institute of Technology, Concordia University Irvine, California State University Sacramento

Green River College was the first strong building block to my educational pathway. Instructors were always there to lend a hand and push me to aim for what I thought was an impossible reach. Through my job at the International Programs Office, I learned professionalism alongside such friendly and supportive staff. Overall, attending Green River College was an experience I will never forget!

Kristina Therese Mattsson - Sweden

Kristina Therese MattssonSweden

Pacific Lutheran University (PLU)
Major: Business Management and Human Relations

When I first came to Green River I was only going to stay for 9 months, but I changed my mind after my first quarter due to a great experience and the willingness to learn more. Green River has helped me to gain the knowledge I needed in order to be prepared for university. After two years at Green River, where I had the opportunity to make friends with people from all over the world and help from great teachers and advisers, I now feel ready to start my new journey at the university I have dreamed about attending for so long. I could not have asked for a better start to my academic success, thank you Green River College!

Mamta Melwani - Singapore

Mamta Melwani Singapore

Columbia University
Major: Economics and Language Studies

Green River has been my home away from home! Here at Green River, I discovered the pleasure of meeting individuals from different countries, backgrounds and cultures. As my second family, the staff members and instructors have always been a great pillar of support throughout the last two years; they are prompt to help and to care about you! Thank you Green River for the beautiful relationships that I will cherish for a life time and for making me a more confident and better individual than what I was when I began.

Roger Luo - Singapore

Roger Luo China

Major: Computer Science
Also admitted to: UC Irvine, UC San Diego and UC Santa Barbara

The instructors are very professional and the International Programs office is really good. The advisors are very helpful, especially with transfer plans, applications, and personal statements. I have grown a lot in these two years at Green River College. I learned how to think for myself and for my future. I feel ready to attend UCLA in the fall.

Edbert Mulia - Indonesia

Edbert Mulia Indonesia

University of Washington
Major: Business/Finance

Going to Green River was one of the best decisions that I’ve made in my life. Green River greatly helped me to achieve my dream, which is transferring to a top university. Clubs, communities, and faculty at Green River were awesome. The faculty were passionate and inspiring. The people at Green River are very welcoming and friendly and they made me like my new "home". Getting involved in clubs and organizations made me develop essential skills such as, leadership, time management, running effective meetings, and goal setting. I’m really going to miss Green River. Thanks to Green River, I’ve grown to become a better person that will be prepared for future obstacles.

Yu-Tang Peng  - Taiwan

Yu-Tang Peng Taiwan

University of Washington, Seattle
Major: Computer Science
Also admitted to: UCLA, UW Tacoma

I’m very lucky to have made the right decision to study at Green River College. I want to thank Green River for their outstanding computer science classes. In addition, Green River provided me opportunities to get involved in clubs and organizations. I was fortunate to be elected as officers of TCA and SPS. Through my experience in event planning and preparation, I established my leadership skills which gave me advantages when applying to 4-year universities. However, the most importantly, Green River granted me an opportunity to continue my education after I dropped out of my high school years ago. The High School Completion Program at Green River allowed me to get my high school diploma while studying as a college student. With help from the advisors and staff in International Program, I was able to focus on my studying and maintain a good GPA so that I could be selected into one of the top schools in the U.S.

Claybert Pusung  - Indonesia

Claybert Pusung Indonesia

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Prescott
Major: Aeronautical Science (Fixed Wing)

When I first came to Green River, I was a bit worried about how to get through things since I'm an international student and in culture shock. As time passed by, everything went over my expectations. Great instructors and staff, great campus, and great friends. Resources were always available. I will definitely miss Green River.

Anna Saito - Japan

Anna Saito Japan

University of Wisconsin-Madison
Major: Chemistry
Also admitted to: University of Texas at Austin

About two years ago, I couldn’t imagine myself being accepted to a top four-year university, but Green River College helped me find the way. I didn’t know anything about transferring to universities and I changed my choice of schools many times based on my financial situation and the chemistry program offered at different schools. Whenever I got stuck on the transfer process and had questions, IP advisors were always there for me. Green River College has been the best environment for personal growth, which was reflected in my personal statement and application for transfer. I can’t thank this college and the people here enough. They gave me opportunities to study hard and work hard.

Edgar Javier Mendoza Seclen - Peru

Edgar Javier Mendoza Seclen Peru

Columbia University
Major: Neuroscience and Behavior
Also admitted to: Baylor University

Many things have happened in my life, but the best choice I ever made was to attend Green River College! I left my country to look for a better life after spending two years at a university studying chemistry. I did not feel I was on the right track so I decided to move to another country, alone. The barrier I faced in the States was the language, but my Green River classmates and advisors helped me through many obstacles, and now I feel like I can go beyond limits with the "new" me. I told myself many times that "You earn what you deserve" and doing what's right always leads to good things. Nothing is easy, but everything can be accomplished by constant effort. What most people think is impossible, here (at Green River) you can make it happen.

Hyeju (Heather) Son - South Korea

Hyeju (Heather) Son South Korea

University of Wisconsin-Madison
Major: Communications
Also admitted to: UC San Diego, UC Davis, UC Irvine, University of Minnesota-twin cities

I never imagined receiving acceptance letters from so many universities. Whenever I saw students from Green River College transfer to highly ranked universities, I thought they had special talents. I was wrong. What they have is the support from advisors and staff in International Programs. IP helps prepare students with workshops, and university visits, and constant reminders to prepare your transfer plan. They made my vague transfer plan into a very solid plan, which helped me to finish my application on time. Also, the staff in IP office saw my potential abilities and made them a reality. The staff respects students and listens to students. This warm and encouraging environment made me into who I really am. I really appreciate all the people I have met at Green River, they made this part of my journey wonderful.

Ái Mỹ Thái - Vietnam

Ái Mỹ TháiVietnam

Georgia Tech
Major: Aerospace Engineering
Also admitted to: California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo, and Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

I believe that it is when you love something that you have a reason to try harder and become better. This was how Green River helped me to get into a top university. When you enter Green River College, you will be greeted by many kinds of people from all over the world and from all walks of life. They are different, yet, they are kind and always wonder how to make this place a better place for students. This is the kind of place I fell in love with in the past 3 years. And having fallen in love, I actively engaged in the school and studied hard. Fortunately, Green River had abundant opportunities for me to lead, volunteer and experience. I challenged myself and was challenged. Green River played a very important part in helping me achieve my goal.

Shohei Yamazaki - Japan

Shohei YamazakiJapan

Indiana University Bloomington
Major: English Education
Also admitted to: University of California Davis, Colorado University Denver, Penn State University

Green River is so dedicated and passionate about students. They gave me lots of wise advice about my future and university choices. They helped me broaden my world, which helped me get better ideas than I had before. These one and a half years at Green River have become a precious memory in my life. I believe my dreams will come true, because I am a Gator.

Satoe Yokoyama - Japan

Satoe YokoyamaJapan

UC Berkeley
Major: Biological and Physical Sciences

I chose Green River College for the High School Completion Plus Program, but I didn't expect I would have such a good experience. I really want to thank my instructors and friends. The time I spent at Green River definitely helped me with my transfer process by providing me many opportunities especially the Math Learning Center and FFS program. Being a mentor and a tutor and meeting many different types of people allowed me to think about what I really wanted to do. It also helped me grow up, not only academically, but also mentally. In addition, Green River was the best place for me to make many international friends and luckily, I will attend UC Berkeley with my best friends. Overall, I really appreciate Green River for helping me pursue my dreams. It was a great choice for me.

Class of 2014

Iris Espinoza - Venezuela

Iris Espinoza Venezuela

San Diego State University
Major: International Business

Green River College helped me achieve my dream of transferring to a top university in the United States. I fulfilled my goals thanks to the guidance of excellent advisors, the effort I put into completing my classes, and the good team of instructors that complemented my learning during this stage of my life. Thanks to Green River I've grown as a person, I have become independent, and have acquired a lot of knowledge that will help me in this next chapter.

Valeriya Gornostayeva  - Kazakhstan

Valeriya Gornostayeva Kazakhstan

City University of New York
Major: Communications

Green River College was the best start that I could ever wish for. The staff and instructors of Green River made my bright future possible. Green River is a perfect place for international students to start their successful career. Thank you to everyone who was next to me for these 2 years. I am blessed and happy to have Green River in my life!

Ivania Livia Hartanto - Indonesia

Ivania Livia Hartanto Indonesia

Cornell University
Major: Food Science
Also admitted to: UC Davis, Ohio State University, U of Wisconsin Madison.

One and a half years ago, before I came to the States, I imagined Green River as an isolated community college in the middle of the forest, gloomy rainy days, and scary instructors. It's funny though, how my perspective changed. Studying at Green River has been a great experience! Green River not only offered a great education, but also offered a warm and welcoming community where I could grow and feel a sense of family. I'm going to miss Green River a lot: the people, the jogging trails, the environment...everything. I would really like to thank everyone for all their advice, encouragement and support. Green River really pushed me to be the very best that I can be.

So Dam Hong- South Korea

So-dam Hong South Korea

William and Mary
Major: International Relations
Also admitted to: George Washington University

I want to thank everyone I got to know at Green River College. The people who I was lucky enough to meet and get to know at Green River helped me grow and learn as a person and a student beyond my expectation. Faculty and advisers were always helpful and encouraging, giving me hope and helping me look forward to the future. Supervisors and co-workers at International Programs were the warmest people I have ever met. Last but not least, my friends here at Green River are those I am very proud of, and I hope to keep them in my life. I can for sure say that I made a great choice when I chose to come to Green River two years ago.

Xintong (Sarah) Li  - China

Xintong (Sarah) Li China

Wellesley College
Major: Economics and Political science
Also admitted to: University of Pennsylvania, Cornell University, Washington University in St. Louis, Mount Holyoke College.

After spending three weeks at the University of Washington-Seattle, I decided to transfer to Green River College due to a sudden change in my family's financial situation. I never fathomed attending a community college before; this decision surprised and left me unsettled. I made the necessary change, but felt frustrated and disoriented; I wanted to return to my standard routine.

However, my time at Green River was a time of transition. I learned to utilize time efficiently, make independent decisions, and seek advice from faculty which was a rewarding process. I developed a greater sense of identity, honed my abilities, and built my ambitions. At Green River, I met a lot of wonderful people who gave me so much help, such as my adviser Helen Kwon, my boss, Kai and my political science professor Allison Jansen and economic professor Mark Blasdell.

My life at Green River gave me a memorable and solid foundation.

Sometimes, change is inevitable; progress is optional. And Green River well prepared me for the future. I am truly thankful and grateful.

Ruth Liu  - China

Ruth Liu China

University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Major: Hospitality Management
Also admitted to: University of Illinois Urbana Champaign

Coming to Green River College was the best choice I have ever made. Green River made me feel that my goals can clearly be achieved step by step. I love everyone in the International Programs office especially. Their advice helped me to live better, study better, and work better."

Oliver Opoku

Oliver Opoku The Netherlands

University College Roosevelt
Major: Economics

When I decided to study abroad, the first thing I worried about was the cost of studying at a 4-year university. Green River's University Transfer Program is eventually what sold me on the idea of studying abroad. It allowed me to spend two amazing years at Green River College where I experienced a diverse curriculum, small classrooms and instructors that offer personal attention to students. In addition, the university transfer program helped me organize my studies and prepare me for any university I wanted to go to. My personal advisor helped me with various difficult decisions both academic and otherwise. I've grown as a student and as person. I owe much of this amazing period in my life to Green River College.

Vladimir Panfilov  - Moldova

Vladimir Panfilov Moldova

University of Minnesota
Major: Economics

Green River is not just a place or just a college; it is a vibrant community of people willing to excel in what they do. For the past 2 years, I enjoyed the diverse student body and the faculty who are dedicated and willing to offer students their best by sharing their knowledge and experience. I do not regret that I chose to study at Green River because I learned and cultivated integrity, organizational skills, independence, patience, and leadership. All these things helped me to take one more step forward in building my personality. The knowledge I gained in the classrooms helped me to get into University of Minnesota Twin Cities where I will continue my studies in economics. I will continue what I started at Green River, so in the future I can contribute in building the free and democratic society we all want to live in.

Bernard Halim Santosa

Bernard Halim Santosa Indonesia

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Also admitted to: University of Washington - Seattle, University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign, UC Davis, Drexel University

Green River played a significant role in helping me transfer to a top university in America. Green River has an awesome advising team who work tirelessly to ensure the success of its international students. There are a lot of opportunities offered by international programs, such as volunteer activities and Foundation for Success Peer Mentoring, to exercise the leadership skills for students. The lectures at Green River are delivered in small to medium sized classes supported by labs and state-of-the-art technologies. From an academic standpoint, Green River has outstanding Engineering faculty who prepare their students for getting into their dream schools. Therefore, I highly recommend Green River to international students who want to study in America and transfer to world-renowned universities.

William Halim Santosa - Indonesia

William Halim Santosa Indonesia

Major: Business Economics
Also admitted to: UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC San Diego, Indiana University Bloomington, University of Minnesota Twin Cities, and Drexel University.

Green River is the place where I gained the tools that could help me achieve my goals. In fact, transferring to a top university has been my dream since I was in high school and Green River made my dream come true. Knowledge, strong will, positive thinking, responsibility and commitment are among the qualities I gained from studying at Green River. Green River was the right place for me to begin my journey to becoming a successful person in the future.

Marie Svensson - Sweden

Marie Svensson Sweden

Montclair State University
Major: Biology
Also admitted to: Florida Southern College

Green River College was a great start for me. It was easy to get to know other people and improve my English fast. Green River has a great program for international students. The variety of fun and interestingclasses Green River has to offer made it easy for me to find what I needed to get my AA. Student Life offers many activities every quarter. I got to know new people and learned something new as well. Working on campus helped me balance studies with other responsibilities. All of these things are important for my future in going to a 4-year university. I feel more prepared than I imagined. I have experienced a smaller school where help is always available and where teachers know and remember your name. I feel ready for the next step in a bigger school with more students, because Green River gave me a great start.

Gloria Tan - Singapore

Gloria Tan Singapore

American University
Major: International Relations
Also admitted to: UC Berkeley, Johns Hopkins University, George Washington University, American University of Paris

When I came to Green River, I didn't know what to expect. We don't have community colleges or Associate degrees in Singapore. At Green River, people come from all walks of life. There are parents returning to classes with their children who are completing high school, grandparents wanting to continue their education, people from the workforce who need re-training, others who take classes for the fun of learning. It's fantastic; it's real. That's how society is - made of people with many different aspirations. I found a warm and accepting community willing to extend me many opportunities, learn about my culture, and hear my ideas. On my first day at school, Ross Jennings (VP of Int'l Prog) told us to say yes to new experiences. His advice got me into so much trouble - I started getting involved in Student Senate, clubs and CLEO. Keeping his message in mind helped me grow, and I learned to embrace change and seize opportunities. My supportive instructors, advisors, supervisors and friends have also been amazing people willing to share their wealth of experience and advice. Two years ago, I was on a gap year after high school, working to save money while trying to figure out my next step. I never would have imagined winning any awards or being admitted to so many schools. Yes, I received many rejection letters as well, but Green River has taught me to put myself out there and dare to dream.

Tian Yin - Singapore

Tian Yin Singapore

UC Berkeley
Major: Molecular Toxicology
Also admitted to: Penn State, Ohio State, and UC Davis

Green River has been more than just my home away from home for the past two years. The faculty and their passion and dedication to teaching is simply inspiring. The small, but strong community is always encouraging, and there is a bountiful of resources that students can tap on (be it tutoring or student activities). Becoming active on campus was one of the best decisions I've made in my time here at Green River and I highly encourage everyone to do the same. The leadership experience will nurture you into leaders of character and the experiences you gain will broaden your perspectives.

Class of 2013

Eric (Dalim) Kim - South Korea

Eric (Dalim) Kim South Korea

University of Pennsylvania
Major: Marketing / Economics

The famous Aesop once said in his Fables, "Heaven helps those who help themselves". In fact, Green River College does offer its students a rich spectrum of academics, dedicated faculty and a warm environment. During my time here, I was lucky to be able to maximize these opportunities which allowed me to fortify my educational experience and personal enrichment. I am eternally grateful for meeting the people who guided me towards my dream of attending the University of Pennsylvania. Not to say there weren't obstacles involved, I had more problems than there are security officers on campus, personally, emotionally and mentality. Fortunately, as I mentioned earlier, there were people I met at Green River who will go on to be my allies for the rest of my life. In my humble opinion, that is where I truly got my money's worth.

Hwanwook (Ian) Lee - South Korea

Hwanwook (Ian) Lee South Korea

University of Southern California
Major: Accounting

Green River has been really helpful. This college has great instructors, advising team, and an amazing program for international students that helps students focus on their study. This is one of the reasons for my successful transfer.

Indira Pranabudi - Indonesia

Indira Pranabudi Indonesia

Brown University
Major: Computer Science
Also Accepted to: Northeastern University, University of Indiana - Bloomington, University of Colorado - Boulder

In the past one and a half years at Green River, I feel that I have grown more as an individual than I have in my entire life. Not living with my parents has been tough, but the instructors, along with my advisors and supervisors have all been great role models for me. In hindsight, I am glad I chose to attend Green River College.

Yu Sato - Japan

Yu Sato Japan

University of California, Berkeley
Major: Molecular Environmental Biology
Also Accepted to: University of California, Los Angeles

Green River has taught me so many things - everything from academics to really valuable social and life lessons, making it so much more than a mere stepping stone for my future aspirations and ambitions. The time that I've spent here will always hold some of the best memories for me.

Ngoc Man Truong - Vietnam

Ngoc Man Truong Vietnam

University of Massachusetts - Amherst
Major: Finance

Green River offered me a great learning experience and personal growth. This college has an international multicultural environment where I could broaden my knowledge and enjoy a working experience with professional faculty and nice colleagues from different backgrounds.

Koen Valks - The Netherlands

Koen Valks The Netherlands

American University
Major: International Relations

Green River helped me develop further as a person and a leader. Because I put myself in positions where I had to interact with people from different cultures and countries, I eventually came to the realization that I wanted to study the relations between countries and what makes us the same, not what makes us different. This helped me build the bridge to American University, a university that will further help me with my continuous growth as a person.

Yingying Ye - China

Yingying Ye China

Emory University
Major: Economics
Also Accepted to: University of Rochester, Ohio State University

The two years that I spent at Green River has actually surprised me. There are so many possibilities that can be explored and challenged. Those experiences helped me to better prepare for future study and career, and I do believe that I have learned American culture from a different perspective.

Ho Leung Yung - Hong Kong

Ho Leung Yung Hong Kong

University of California, Los Angeles
Major: Business Economics
Also Accepted to:University of California, Santa Barbara; University of California, San Diego

Green River was such a great place for me to study. Faculty guided me in my studies, and students were eager to participate in class activities. They are the valuable resources which helped me succeed in my university admissions as well as my field of study.

Class of 2012

Lars Berg Andersen  - Norway

Lars Berg Andersen Norway

Seattle University
Major: Film studies

My experience at Green River has made me eager to further investigate our world and the people in it, and go deeper into the areas of film studies. Green River's flexibility and variety of classes made it possible for me to create a schedule of classes that would easily transfer towards my major.

He Xun (Jayden) Cheo  - Singapore

He Xun (Jayden) Cheo Singapore

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Major: Computer Science

As an international student, one of the big differences is how classes are conducted in the USA. Green River was a stepping stone and like training wheels for the US education system. Studying at Green River has helped me to assimilate into the US education system and society.

Ho Kiu Olivia Mok - Hong Kong

Ho Kiu Olivia Mok Hong Kong

University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Major: Journalism

With the close relationship students have with instructors on campus, Green River has a friendly learning environment. My experience here has been exceptional. These two years have been a turning point of my life where I found my passion in journalism and my direction as to who I am and who I want to become.

Saurabh (Prince) Nair - India

Saurabh (Prince) Nair India

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
Major: Aerospace Engineering
Also Accepted to: University of Chicago

After having spent two years at Green River, I think it was a decision well made. It has prepared me in all possible ways to enter a four year university. In my own experience, I found that community college was a great place for me to figure out what major I was going to pursue and where I would eventually obtain my degree.

Tienneke Tjiang - Indonesia

Tienneke Tjiang Indonesia

University of Southern California
Major: International Business

Green River has helped so much in shaping me into an adult. The advising team was awesome, the instructors were very helpful, it's a good environment for study, and the student programs were interesting.

Ziyong (Yonex) Yang - China

Ziyong (Yonex) Yang China

Georgia Institute Technology
Major: Industrial Engineering

By working and participating in different activities at Green River, I improved both my English and leadership skills, which built a solid foundation for my further studies at Georgia Tech. Moreover, I like how Green River has small sized classes because I get more attention from the instructor in class.

Class of 2011

Alison Chiu - Hong Kong

Alison Chiu Hong Kong

University of Oregon
Major: Business/Marketing

I enjoyed being a student at Green River College. Green River has a great International Program, advisors provide us with useful information for transferring, such as schedule planning. Green River provides opportunities to learn through various types of activities and events, and leadership experience opportunities. The Campus Corner Apartments are always a great place to know more diverse friends and expand your community. Overall I like the environment here a lot!

Iordan Bokov - Bulgaria

Iordan Bokov Bulgaria

University of Washington - Foster School of Business
Major: Business
Also Accepted to: University of Chicago

I love the campus; it is so nice, quiet, very green and clean, with lots of animals walking around. All the teachers and faculty really helped me achieve my goals and improve myself. They encouraged me and guided me. After being here for two years I found myself actively involved in the college life. The school offers so many opportunities. I did a lot of volunteering and met new people, which helped me learn a lot about the culture and the American way of life.

Shiyun Zhong - China

Shiyun Zhong China

University of Washington - Seattle
Major: Economics

As opposed to other international students, I only studied at Green River for one year. Therefore my study schedule was much more intense than others, and I had to prepare for transferring right after I came to Green River. I appreciate Green River because the advisors there helped me make a detailed study plan, provide me with a lot of transfer information, and hosted various community activities. Thanks for all the efforts Green River made to make my time here more interesting and meaningful.

Bach Xuan Dao - Vietnam

Bach Xuan Dao Vietnam

UC Berkeley
Major: Computer Engineering

When I first came to Green River College, I was told that: "From here, you can go anywhere you want!". I initially did not believe that statement. How can a student from a community college in a small town in Washington State go anywhere he wants. Ironically, I proved myself wrong in the end. The academically challenging yet friendly environment at Green River has made my dream come true. Be involved in the campus life, grab friends with the same goals as you, try your best in the classes, and success will likely come to you!

Carlos Lameiras - Portugal

Carlos Lameiras Portugal

Purdue University
Major: Architecture

Green River College provided an awesome environment for me to stay focused on my studies. I got to transfer to a top university thanks to the advisors who helped me a lot with my academic plan. Not only does Green River provide many fun events for international students, teachers and students here are also very nice and friendly. I love hanging out in the library, which is the best place ever!

Cicely Natasha - Indonesia

Cicely Natasha Indonesia

Pratt Institute
Major: Architecture

Green River College was a great place for me to learn and actualize myself. For me, Green River was like my second home, and my first home in the USA. Almost all of the instructors and advisors were wonderful! They were supportive, thoughtful, friendly and helpful. Besides, I made a lot of good friends from many different countries, which gave me a lot of new experiences and insight. Finally, Green River was able to help me to get accepted at an exceptional university. It is a once-in-a-lifetime and unforgettable experience being there.

Davaa Lkhagva - Hong Kong

Davaajargal Lkhagva Mongolia

University of Washington
Major: Finance
Also Accepted to: Indiana University

The two years that I have been at Green River College have changed my life. Absolutely, at the beginning I faced a lot of challenges, but I set my goals and tried to achieve. Studying in the USA was my greatest decision. The experiences that I have had in America have greatly influenced my future life. Green River is the friendliest place that I have ever been to. I have met a lot of great people, made a lot of diverse friends, even life-long friends. Green River is a great resource and opportunity for students. I would like to give thanks to all my supervisors, advisors, instructors and friends for supporting me these years and helping me transfer to a great university. Now, I am ready to make another step towards my dream.

Remco Zweetsloot - The Netherlands

Remco Zweetsloot The Netherlands

Roosevelt Academy
Major: Political Science

Green River is truly a great school for almost any major. The instructors are passionate, the students are friendly and open, the environment is great, and there are more clubs and out-of-the-classroom activities than you could possibly participate in. By getting involved and working hard here I found out what I want to do, where I want to go and how to get there. The two years I spent here were by far the best ones of my life.

Edwin Sanjaya - Indonesia

Edwin Sanjaya Indonesia

University of Michigan
Major: Aerospace Engineering
Also Accepted to: UT Austin, UIUC

Green River gave me a lot of opportunities to be a better person. The advisors helped me make an academic plan so that I can transfer to top university, and most of the classes I took here transfer to my university. Green River also gives students the opportunity to get experience by working part-time on campus, as a tutor, a grader, a CLEO member, an assistant at the IP office, etc. In addition, there are lots of scholarship opportunities at Green River through the Green River Foundation and International Programs. The instructors are really helpful - they not only assist in school subjects, but also in personal life.

Irene Ler - Malaysia

Irene Ler Malaysia

University of Texas, Austin
Major: General

My time at Green River has been memorable. I've gotten the opportunity to meet lots of people and make new friends. There are a lot of activities offered at the college, such as volunteering opportunities and different clubs we can join. I like how the classes are small, giving students the one-on-one time we need with our instructors when required. I'm glad that with the help of the IP advisors I was able to plan out my classes and transfer to a university."

Khoa Dang Pham - Vietnam

Khoa Dang Pham Vietnam

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Major: Computer Science
Also Accepted to: University of Minnesota, University of Utah, Stony Brook University, UT Dallas

The International Programs rocks! The advising team was awesome. They helped me to transfer to a top-notch university by giving me wonderful advice and a concrete degree plan so that I knew exactly what I needed to do to apply to my school of choice. Also, the High School Completion Program really saved me time and a lot of money. Thanks to Green River, especially the International Programs, I am able to graduate at the age of 18 with lots of challenging yet intriguing opportunities awaiting me along the road.

Melanie Mok - Hong Kong

Melanie Mok Hong Kong

University of California, Los Angeles
Major: Biochemistry
Also Accepted to: UC San Diego, UC Davis, San Diego State University

Green River has the best International Program in the State of Washington. The advisers made me a detailed degree plan, which guided me through my 2 years at Green River. They got me in the right direction. The instructors at Green River are so passionate in their teaching, and they give students great help in their studies. There are a lot of international students at Green River, which gave me tons of opportunities to understand different cultures and their values. I am really glad to have studied at Green River during my first 2 years in America, and I love this school!

Natasha Budiman - Indonesia

Natasha Budiman Indonesia

University of Southern California
Major: Business/Marketing
Also Accepted to: UC Davis and UC San Diego

It was a blessing for me to become a part of the Green River community. I truly believe that Green River acts as a strong stepping-stone for students to embark and move on to University life. The friendly environment of the community and the campus also makes the studying experience a very pleasant one! Working as a Student Marketing Assistant in the International Programs Office taught me many things, including responsibility, integrity and creativity. I have met and known so many wonderful people here - not only from my country, Indonesia, but from all around the world!

Randy Yohan - Indonesia

Randy Yohan Indonesia

University of Texas-Austin
Major: Business Finance
Also Accepted to: UC Los Angeles, UC Davis, UIUC

When I heard of Red McCombs School of Business at UT Austin, it seemed impossible for me to go there. However, Green River changed my perception and made my dream comes true! The small classes keep a strong connection between the instructors and the students. Experienced advisors were always there to help students with their degree planning. Clubs and organizations are available to encourage students to get involved in the campus outside of the classroom. And last but not least, the environment is a good place to study! Green River really changed my life.

Ryohei Sawai - Japan

Ryohei Sawai Japan

Arizona State University
Major: Business Management

The reason I chose Green River was that I heard it had a lot of good programs for international students who are transferring to four-year universities. It actually has many events, such as International Transfer Fair, that help us decide which university to go to. Also, there are many volunteer and work opportunities in Green River. I volunteered for some classes and student programs, and I worked for TRIO and Disability Support Services. As an international student, my English is not perfect, but those opportunities helped me improve my English and communication skills very much. Green River gives us a lot of chances that help us transfer to four-year universities and develop ourselves.

Sungyoun Choi - South Korea

Sungyoun Choi South Korea

University of Southern California
Major: Finance
Also Accepted to: Indiana University, Saint Mary University, UC Santa Barbara, UC Davis

International Programs and staff at Green River College totally changed my life, and I would say they are the best professionals in this field. If you are hesitating to study abroad, just come here and have help from the awesome staff at Green River College. Then, you will see your clear and bright future.

Wei Huang - China

Wei Huang China

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Major: Business

Green River has many nice instructors. They are knowledgeable and always ready to answer my questions. They really helped me gain basic knowledge and skills in my field that make me well-prepared for transferring to a top university. I think studying at Green River was really a good start of my adventure in the U.S.

Yitong Yang - China

Yitong Yang China

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Major: Computer Science
Also accepted to: UC Los Angeles

Green River helped me transfer with its professional advising team. They gave me really strong support when I planned my academic schedule, and they provided me with a lot of useful information to arrange my transfer. In addition, Green River is a good college because it has a wonderful study environment.

Yohannes Ade Pratama - Indonesia

Yohannes Ade Pratama Indonesia

UC Berkeley
Major: Chemical Engineering
Also Accepted to: University of Minnesota, UIUC

I really enjoyed the two years I spent here. Green River has a really good engineering program, all of the teachers really know the materials they lecture in well. In addition to that, Green River also has great resources and an excellent study environment. Tons of activities are also available. The best thing for me was the community, which really helped me grow.

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