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Green River College International Programs


Class of 2017

Our students talk about their university transfer experience.

Jiacheng Liu (Tyler) - China

Jiacheng Liu (Tyler) China

Major: Electrical Engineering
Also admitted to: UCD, UCSD, Purdue Univeristy, UW Tacoma, University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Green River College offers a great program that is open to every level of student. You can start from Intensive English classes and transfer to a top university. During my time at Green River, the school offered me huge support with studying and advising. International Programs helped me to achieve my academic goal, transfer, and even with my daily life. The college offers many opportunities like volunteering, jobs, clubs, sports, activities and internships. I believe that my activities and volunteering experiences at Green River was very helpful when applying for transfer. This place is a mixture of students from all around the world, the community is open and friendly. I have grown a lot in past three years at Green River College.

Beulah Ijeokwukwe Eledalachianya Obioma - Nigeria

Beulah Ijeokwukwe Eledalachianya ObiomaNigeria

New York Film Academy (NYFA)
Major: Screen Acting

Green River College prepared me in many ways. Their classes were interesting and engaging which encouraged me to each day to go to school. The diverse ethnic groups opened my mind in so many ways through their; cultures, beliefs and their History. The office of diversity and equity on the campus was very welcoming and helpful during my stay. The student leaders, clubs & organizations, events and many more enriched my knowledge fundamentally. I improved academically, mentally and socially. Green River helped me see past my fears to realize that there was more to me than good grades. There was talent, leadership, friendship, sports and I also encouraged me to take a step in all and more. The international office in Green River College was of major help and contribution to my success during my stay. I am very happy that I attended Green River and experienced all those amazing events with all those amazing people.

Aki Satouchi - Japan

Aki Satouchi Japan

University of Michigan
Major: International Studies
Also admitted to: University of Wisconsin – Madison, University of Maryland College Park

Looking back two years ago when I first came to this country, I never imagined myself being featured in this section of the International Programs website. Green River has changed my life in so many ways. It has helped me find my future path, challenged me in the class, and connected me with students through countless school events. When I was not sure about my major, my adviser Andaiye was so helpful with her suggestion to take the skill assessment tests on campus. There are also numerous opportunities to meet people at the school events and I have made lifelong friends here. In class, professors are friendly and many of them have given me one-on-one attention which kept me motivated to strive for the best. Ms. Allison Jansen is one of my favorite professors and wrote a letter of recommendation for my transfer application. I didn't think I would get accepted to a university like University of Michigan when I graduated from high school, but Green River has provided me with the chance to reach my big goal. I have learned to believe in myself and cannot be thankful enough for the support I had.

Jonathan Santoso - Indonesia

Jonathan Santoso Indonesia

UC Berkeley
Major: Chemical Engineering
Also admitted to: University of Minnesota - Twin Cities, UIUC, UC Irvine, UC Davis, UCLA

Green River College offers three important ingredients that helped me succeed: Human resources, facilities, and the environment. The instructors, advisors, and staff care about their students. Facilities such as the Writing Center and Tutoring Center helped me succeed in class. The cozy environment promotes learning, making me more focused in studying. Green River is also known to create opportunities. I participated in clubs such as Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. I believe that Green River not only provides a good education, but also support for the success of their students.

Milou Tromp - The Netherlands

Milou Tromp The Netherlands

University of Groningen (RUG)
Major: Criminal Justice

Studying at Green River College has been an amazing experience for me. Green River College gave me a lot of opportunities to improve myself academically but also to get involved outside of classes by volunteer opportunities, clubs, and by joining fun activities. Taking these opportunities helped me to become a more confident person. Being able to take a lot of different classes while working on my AA degree helped me decide what I enjoy doing and what I would like to major in. Getting my AA degree in Criminal Justice at Green River College helped me to get into this university to study law. I will forever be grateful for the way Green River College helped and supported me through the years!

Aina Zulkifli - Malaysia

Aina Zulkifli Malaysia

University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Also admitted to: Johns Hopkins University, University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Pittsburgh, University of Maryland-College Park

Being accepted into a top university was something I have always desired, and Green River College offers the best program for me to achieve my goals. First and foremost, thanks to the International Program advisors who guided me since my first quarter here because without them I would not be who I am today. They assisted me in the process of planning and working towards my prospective university, which included setting up an Ed Plan. I would also say that the resources available here such as the Library, Writing Center, Math Learning Center and also the Technology Center Open Lab gave good impact in my studies. These places are convenient for studying and to being tutored. As a Mechanical Engineering student, my instructors also supported my ambition and they were always available for me whenever I needed them. The clubs and activities here as well as events like the Volunteer Club, Lunch Bytes and University Transfer Fair, kept me active and engaged. Green River College is truly the best!

More 2017 testimonials to come.

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