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Green River College International Programs


"We are dedicated to delivering efficient, comprehensive and personalized service to the global community." - Admissions Staff

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How to apply

Become a Green River student in 4 simple steps:

Admission at Green River is simple, fast and convenient. We offer four annual admission dates: fall, winter, spring, and summer. Admission deadlines are approximately one month prior to orientation for each quarter. See dates and deadlines.

Step 1: Submit Application

Step 1

You can apply:

Admission Requirements:

Submit documents by email, mail, or fax - Please use only one method to send your documents.

Housing Placement:

  • Completed housing section on application and $300 placement fee
  • Beginning fall quarter 2017, all students the age of 16 at quarter start date will be required to live with a Green River host family until they are 17 years old.

High School Completion Students

  • High School transcript (sealed envelope)

Transfer students (from other schools in the US to GRC):

  • Transfer-in form
  • Copy of visa
  • Copy of I-20
  • Unofficial transcript from previous school

How to pay fees:

  • You may pay by credit card, cashier's check, money order, wire transfer, personal check (from a U.S. bank) or traveler's check. To pay by credit card, use the Credit Card Payment Authorization form.
  • Bank Wire Transfer to:
    U.S. Bank, 401-15th St. NE, Auburn, WA 98071,
    Student Name (must be included with wire information),
    Green River Student ID number (if known),
    ABA No., 125000105
    Green River College, International Account Number: 153504623387,
    SWIFT code: USBKUS44IMT,

Important! Send an e-mail to with the student name, date of birth, amount of money and date wired.

How to send your bank statement and supporting documents:

  • Email
  • Fax: (001) 253.333.4940
  • Mail to:
    Green River College
    International Programs
    12401 SE 320th Street
    Auburn, WA 98092 - USA

Step 2: Receive I-20 Form

Step 2

After we receive your complete application with all required documents, an acceptance package will be created for you within two business days. This package contains a Green River acceptance letter and your I-20. Your I-20 is a very important document that confirms your acceptance as an international student in the U.S.

Step 3: F-1 Visa Interview

Step 3

You are required to present the complete admissions package to the U.S. consulate in your home country. Keep your documents safe! If you lose any of your documents, please notify us immediately.

Before you make an appointment for an interview at the U.S. consular office nearest you, be sure to pay your SEVIS and visa fee online. The wait time for an interview varies from country to country. Check the US State Department website to learn about visa application preparation and how long you must wait for an interview.

Step 4: Arrival in the USA

Step 4

As soon as you receive your F-1 visa, please let us know so that we can plan for your arrival. When you enter the U.S., you will need to show the immigration officer:

  • Your I-20 form
  • Your passport with a valid student visa

Please go to Arrival and Airport Pickup for more information.

Admission Policy

New international students who use Green River's I-20 to enter the U.S. must:

  • Report in person to Green River's orientation session for new international students
  • Enroll for and attend the first quarter at Green River.
  • Present originals of: passport, visa, and Green River I-20*
  • Carry Health Insurance while enrolled at Green River

*Interntional students transferring from other U.S. schools must present their most recent I-20 instead of a Green River I-20.

Health Insurance

International students are required to have health insurance. They can buy it from the college for $270 per quarter.

  • For new international students, Green River's health insurance coverage, The Lewer Agency Inc., begins when the student enters the U.S., up to 30 days before classes begin.
  • For current international students, coverage begins the first day of the quarter.
  • Coverage for all students ends one day before the next quarter's classes begin.

International students can bring proof of their own health insurance from their home country. Proof of personal health insurance must be presented by the first day of the quarter, in English, and must show the following:

  • Medical coverage per accident or sickness $500,000
  • Deductible per accident or sickness of no more than $100
  • Repatriation coverage unlimited

English Requirements

English Proficiency Requirements for Academic Programs

International students whose native language is not English are required to demonstrate proficiency in English before being admitted to the college academic program. Students who have not demonstrated proficiency are required to take classes in Green River's Intensive English Program.

English proficiency can be demonstrated by meeting any one of the following:

  • TOEFL 61/173/500 or higher on the international TOEFL or Green River institutional TOEFL. Institutional TOEFL scores from EF, ELS, CJR, Kaplan International, Japan College of Foreign Language (JFL), Osaka college of Foreign Languages (OCFL), IIEF and HIUC are accepted. Institutional TOEFL scores from any other institution or school are not recognized. When sending official TOEFL scores, please use Green River TOEFL school code 4337.
  • IELTS 5.5 no band lower than 5.0

Additional English Proficiency measures

English Proficiency

These additional English Proficiency measures are accepted:

  • TOEFL 61/173/500 or higher on the international TOEFL or Green River institutional TOEFL. Institutional TOEFL scores from EF, ELS, CJR, Aspect, Vista, Kaplan, Japan College of Foreign Language (JFL) and Osaka college of Foreign Languages (OCFL) are accepted. Institutional TOEFL scores from any other institution or school are not recognized. When sending official TOEFL scores, please use Green River TOEFL school code 4337.
  • Academic placement on the Green River IESL Placement Test. Only a score of 85 or higher on the Multiple Choice section of the IESL Placement Test and an academic level proficiency on both the written essay and oral test is considered an indication of academic-level standing.
  • Successful completion of all Green River IESL Academic Preparation (Level 5) classes. If a student has completed one or more IESL Academic Preparation classes, the student may begin academic studies*. Students completing the IESL with the intent of going on to academic classes must begin their academic studies within two quarters of having completed the IESL. (*Students are required to consult with an IP advisor as to conditions and terms governing IESL/Academic splits)
  • IELTS of 5.5 with no band lower than 5.0. 
  • Official SAT Score of not lower that WRITING 380 AND READING 350
  • Cambridge General Certificate of Education (GCE) O level passing score in English
  • Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE) of no lower than 46
  • STEP/EIKEN score of Grade Pre-1 or better
  • International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) English (not ESL) score of C or higher
  • Academic-level transfer students only: placement in or completion of English 101 or higher, at an accredited English-language college or university. Academic standing at another institution is not recognized without English proficiency. Placement in English 101 does not constitute completion of the English proficiency requirement for GRC IESL students.
  • Completion of the appropriate ESL level at these schools:
    • EF International Language School - Upper Intermediate 2 Level (B2-3) or Institutional TOEFL or IBT Report
    • ELS Language Schools - Level 109, Advanced, or Institutional TOEFL Report
    • FLS - Level 14
    • Kaplan International English Programs - Advanced Level Completion Letter
    • Embassy CES - Intermediate Level
    • St. Giles International English Language Academy - Level 6
  • Secondary Education:
    • Official high school completion diploma from accredited institutions in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom or the United States indicating a passing score in English.
    • Denmark: A minimum grade of 7 in A-level English and 10 in B-level English (new scale); grade of 11 in English in Stream B, Technical Path
    • Finland: High School English grade 8 or higher
    • Germany: Gymansium/Abitur of 7 or higher in LF classes; without LF, a grade of 10 or higher
    • Netherlands: VWO: 6 or higher; HAVO: 7 or higher; MBO: 7 or higher
    • Norway: High School English grade of 4 or higher
    • Sweden: Upper Secondary School: VG
    • Singapore: Completion of N level or higher

Getting a Visa

Student visas are issued by U.S. Embassies and Consulates located outside the United States. The application process typically includes an interview with a consular official to determine the applicant's purpose of travel to the US. Most visa interviews are short (one to two minutes) and are conducted in English, so good preparation is essential. It is important that you plan your answers ahead of time and that you be completely honest and thorough. More on how to apply for a visa in your home country

Essential Points of a Visa Interview

  • Have a clear plan. Describe why, where, and what you plan to study in the U.S.
  • Demonstrate adequate funding to cover tuition and living expenses. For detailed expense information, see the Costs page of this website.
  • Explain your intent to return home. Tie it to your specific situation and avoid generalities.
  • If you will take Intensive English first, and this is stated on your I-20, you can request that your interview be in your first language.

Sample Interview Questions

  • Why do you want to study at Green River College in the United States?
  • Do you have any family members or relatives in the United States?
  • If you have relatives in the United States, identify who they are, what their relationship is to you, and where they live.
  • What ties do you have in your home country that will draw you home?

    Our Recommendation

    Establish a strong personal motive to return to your country after you complete your course of study.

  • Who is funding your educational expenses?

    Our Recommendation

    Show documents proving there is a valid source of funds, and explain clearly how they were obtained and/or will be obtained in the future.

Document Requirements

Check for specific requirements in your home country. Typical documentation includes:

  1. I-20 immigration document - issued by Green River College
  2. Visa and processing fee - paid to U.S. Embassy or Consulate
  3. Photo, passport-sized
  4. Valid passport
  5. Completed visa application form
  6. High school (and university, if available) transcripts, in English
  7. TOEFL scores (if available)
  8. Documents indicating reasons to return to home country or other country outside the US, if available.
  9. Financial statement(s): originals to show and photocopies to submit

    Examples of financial documents:

    • Bank statements
    • Certificates of deposit
    • Earnings statements
    • Tax records
    • Proof of sponsorship from by a corporation or other entity

This might include:

  • Job offer or admission to an educational program upon return
  • Documentation of research you've done on your intended job in your country. For example, translated job advertisements, written description of a discussion you had with a person in the kind of job you want, or quote from newspaper article or trade industry write-up.
  • Statement of future plans. (Care should be taken to demonstrate the relevance of the US course of study to those plans).
  • An indication of close personal ties in the home country (parents, spouse, children, fiancé, etc.).
  • Local identity card (indicating, if possible, your entire immediate family).

Issuance or Denial of Visa

If you are issued a visa

Congratulations! Contact us to confirm your arrival plans.

If you are denied a visa

Politely ask the consular official why the application was denied. Also ask when you may reapply for a visa. Then, contact your agent or Green River College. If the denial was based on a misunderstanding or on poor communication, the Green River official may be able to write a letter for you to present to the consular official during your second visa interview. Such a letter does not guarantee approval, but will serve to clarify points of possible misunderstanding.

If you have questions or concerns, please e-mail us

For more information: Contact Us