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Green River College International Programs

Advising for Current Students

"As Green River's International Programs Advising Team, we strive to help you achieve your individual and educational goals. We are passionate about helping you succeed and enjoy a rewarding, American experience!"

During the first quarter, your advisor will help you get registered. This is a great time to sign up for classes that will help you explore your interests.

Tips for Academic Planning and Success

Register for Classes Online

  • Five weeks into the quarter - check your registration access time:
    • Visit Online Services to check the day and time you can register for classes.
  • Use the Schedule Planner tool to help you look for open classes.
  • You can use the following tools when selecting courses:
  • Don't forget to pay tuition immediately after you register for classes. You may pay by credit card, cashier's check, money order, wire transfer, personal check (from a U.S. bank) or traveler's check. To pay by credit card, use the Credit Card Payment Authorization form or pay online. If you need additional time to pay, you can register for the STEP Payment Plan.
  • Remember to buy books for next quarter and consider selling your textbooks for the current quarter to the bookstore.

Tips for a Successful Quarter

DO NOT DROP BELOW 12 CREDITS without specific permission from your International Student Advisor. If you drop below 12 credits, you will be out of status for your F-1 visa requirements and will have to leave the U.S. immediately.

Degree and Academic Planning

Academic Planning is long-term planning for course work required for you to achieve either an AA or focused classes in order to transfer to your transfer university. Students are advised to follow these steps when planning their Academic Goals at Green River and beyond:

  • Decide on your major: Most students have an idea of what major/area of academic focus they would like to study, but some do not, or change their mind. Make an appointment with your International Student Advisor to discuss potential majors and career interests.
  • Ed Plan: Once you choose your intended major, it is important to find out what courses are required for that degree and/or to transfer to a university upon completion of the degree at Green River. You will plan your courses using the Ed Plan tool. You will start to fill in your Ed Plan during your FFS and ISCE classes in your first quarter, and your advisor is available to help you complete your Ed Plan or help you with specific questions.
  • Where can you transfer? You can consider applying to a University Transfer Pathway partner school, in which Green River has already negotiated admissions pathways and guidelines. Choosing a university in the United States: There are many things to consider when choosing a university or college to transfer to after Green River. Some considerations include (but are not limited to): Where do you want to study? Does the university offer any special academic or other programs you are interested in? In order to assess your needs and desires for a transfer university, it is important to develop a list of criteria you want to use to evaluate colleges, compile a list of possible colleges and universities, and gather all your resources and information about each school you are considering, before narrowing your list of universities to 4 or 5 'finalist' choices. You will get tools and advice on this choice during your time in FFS and ISCE, and then you will meet with your International Student Advisor to discuss your target schools and refine your transfer plan.
  • University Transfer Deadlines and GPAs required- Deadlines and requirements can change without notice. It is the responsibility of the student to confirm them.

How to transfer your SEVIS record

  • After you have been admitted to your transfer school, visit the IP office or email your advisor to obtain the Green River exit forms. Fill out Exit Form Part 1 and 2 and bring a copy of your acceptance letter. If new university requires their transfer-in form, make sure to print it out and give it to your advisor.
  • What date can your SEVIS be transferred? If you are currently enrolled, pick a transfer out date after the last day of your final quarter at Green River. Please contact your advisor if you have a special situation and have any questions about your SEVIS transfer date. SEVIS transfers will not be transferred until you have completed the quarter, have your acceptance letter, and have completed Exit Forms 1 and 2.
  • Be sure to keep copies of all of your syllabi for classes you took at the college level. Your transfer-in school may request your syllabi in order to properly evaluate your transfer credit.

Request a Transcript

Applying for Graduation

  • Two quarters before you plan to graduate, you should apply for graduation at the Enrollment Services office. The specialists in Enrollment Services will process your application and email your Green River email account to let you know the exact classes you need to complete to graduate as planned.

Your Diploma

  • All diplomas and certificates will be mailed two months after the quarter ends from the Green River IP office. The IP office will contact you via email to confirm your mailing address before sending your diploma by airmail, free of charge.

Academic Standards Policy

Your academic success is carefully monitored to support the full development of your academic potential. The faculty and staff are committed to student success and academic progress.

A cumulative grade point average (GPA) below 2.0 is considered insufficient to meet Green River’s academic standards and will result in referral for intervention. If you fall below a 2.0 GPA, you will be notified by your advisor at the completion of each academic quarter:

  • 1st Quarter below 2.0: you will be reminded of academic standards policy and encouraged to meet with your advisor
  • 2nd Quarter below 2.0: you will be required to either attend a Student Success Workshop or meet with your advisor for an individual appointment.
  • 3rd Quarter below 2.0: you will be required to complete a Student Success Evaluation and then meet with your advisor for an individual appointment

If your GPA falls beneath a 2.0 for 3 consecutive quarters, you will be subject to dismissal from the school.

Sample Degree Plans

The following are some sample degree plans created in our online degree plan system, called Ed Plan. Every current Green River student, as well as advisors, have access to Ed Plan, where students and advisors create customized degree plans to map out studies here at Green River.

Our students often transfer to top universities, and therefore pursue challenging schedules. Please visit our transfer page for more information about planning your university transfer.

If you plan to get an associate's degree or certificate at Green River, you can use the degree audit tool to track your progress towards completing your degree or certificate.

Lunch Byte Presentations

Lunch Byte presentations include free lunch and a workshop on timely topics. Students are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to achieve academic success. Lunch Byte topics include university transfer, resume and cover letter writing skills, tips for writing your personal statement, career exploration, life skills, stress reduction, immigration and tips for working in the United States. Here are few that we have uploaded to YouTube:

IP Advisors' Weekly Newsletter

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