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Green River College International Programs


"As Green River's International Programs Advising Team, we strive to help you achieve your individual and educational goals. We are passionate about helping you succeed and enjoy a rewarding, American experience!"

Below is a list of commonly requested forms.

Enrollment Verification Letter Request

A letter of verification of enrollment proves that you are a student at Green River. We can provide an enrollment verification letter for the current quarter or past quarters. We cannot verify enrollment for future quarters.

Entry Code Request

Rules: An entry code is used to allow registration for a class with prerequisites. If you have taken physics in high school and a physics course is a prerequisite for the class you want, you can request an entry code. Entry codes will not allow you to register for a full class.

Questions? Email

Exit Form

Complete this form after you have received an acceptance letter from your target university. Only complete this form if you are 100% certain of the university you wish to transfer to. Please bring the completed form and a copy of your acceptance letter to IVD so that an advisor can assist you with transferring your SEVIS record to your new school.

I-20 Request Form

If you need a new I-20, complete this form and return it to IVD.

Reduced Course Load Form

A course load of fewer than 12 credits may be approved for a student if that student has one of the following conditions:

  1. Less than 12 credits remaining to complete an Associate degree or Certificate
  2. An illness or medical condition
  3. Academic difficulties during the first quarter of enrollment at Green River

If you meet one or more of the above conditions and desire a reduced course load, complete this form and return it to IVD.

NOTE: Students wishing to take a vacation quarter do not need to complete an RCL form. Students can simply email their assigned advisor to request vacation status.

Request to take more than 21 credits

New students are limited to 21 credits per quarter. If you are a continuing student with a 3.0 GPA or better and wish to register for more than 21 credits, an advisor must register you for the extra course. Do not submit your request form prior to your registration appointment! Check to make sure that the course you want is open. We will process registration requests Monday-Friday. During registration week, requests received after 3pm will be processed the next business day. Remember to check your class schedule. Email with questions.

Visa Renewal Letter Request

If you are applying to renew your visa, International Programs will provide you with a letter to support your application.

Visitor Visa Letter Request

If your family member is applying for a visitor visa to come see you at Green River, then we can create a letter to support the visa application. Please use our online visitor visa request form to provide us with information about your relative. If more than one family member is coming to visit, please complete a separate form for each relative. After you have submitted an online form, you will receive an email when the letter is ready to be picked up from IVD. Please allow one week for your request to be processed.

Washington ID/SEVIS document

Sometimes students wish to apply for a Washington ID card. To do so, they need proof that they are a resident of Washington. Use this form to obtain proof of your Washington residency so that you can apply for a WA ID card at the Kent Driver Licensing Office.

Kent Driver Licensing Office 25410 74th Ave S Kent, WA 98032-6011

The $54 cost for the ID is paid at the DL Office.

For more information: Contact Us